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Writing any kind of an academic assignment may be troublesome and stressful for a student for many reasons. You may be either exhausted by combining part-time work with regular studies, or maybe you are a mature adult with a spouse and children, getting a new diploma to get a promotion in the workplace? Then you are surely too old and busy for sleepless nights over writing a scholarship essay. Not sure where to start and what such a type of an assignment should look like? study some of our expert tips – this article promises to make your composition process easier and more likely to end with a readable outcome!
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What is this type of work?
A scholarship essay is a type of a written assignment usually required by the committees to which you apply for funding or admission to some program. It should not be confused with a personal statement, which is a statement about your wish to apply, while the scholarship essay represents a response to a prompt or question asked by the organization awarding the scholarship or grant. While personal statements are usually written in a free form and your primary task is to present your personality in the best possible light, a scholarship essay is targeted at giving a concise answer to a clear question that is, nevertheless, directly related to what you will do with the awarded funds and how you will spend them to the benefit of the scholarship provider.
Scholarship Essay Writing Process
Writing a successful scholarship paper means that you can receive the long-aspired grant or a position in a new program, which makes the entire composition process very responsible. Keep to the following list of steps to ensure that your writing is consistent and brings you to the expected final result:
  • Study the given topic carefully – think of what feelings it reveals in you, in what ways it responds to your personality, etc. Being personal and emotional about the issue is a winning strategy, so find some links to the issue and start from there.
  • Conduct thorough research. This is an essential step in production of any paper, since it involves finding appropriate evidence and organizing it as support for your claims and arguments in the essay.
  • Prepare the rough draft with a thesis statement. Dedicate enough time to craft your thesis, since this is the primary guiding idea of your essay and the committee is surely likely to pay maximum attention to it.
  • Make a final draft and proofread it. Writing the essay up to the end does not mean that you are finished. Always give yourself some spare time to relax and then get back to your piece of writing to check everything. You are most likely to find some misprints or errors, incomplete sentences, or flaws in coherence after you take a brake and return with a fresh insight.
  • Ask somebody for feedback. Even if your essay seems a masterpiece for you, there is no guarantee that the committee will think the same. It is essential that a detached, objective observer double-checks everything and gives you an opinion. In this way, you will ensure that other people see the issue the way you do, and that you explained everything comprehensively enough.
Scholarship Essay Format
A scholarship essay usually follows a traditional essay format, so it has to be written on A4 paper, with double spacing throughout, and at least 1-inch margins to allow binding and marking. Acceptable fonts are usually established as Times New Roman and Arial, size 11 or 12. Other details should be verified at the organization giving the task; the list of requirements is usually given together with the essay topic or question.
Some useful ideas for formatting your paper are as follows:
  • Write the entire essay in the third-person narrative. Phrases “I,” “we,” and “you” are not favored in such kinds of papers.
  • Learn as much as you can about your audience. Adopting the correct tone and using relevant details may increase your chances for success.
  • Avoid errors and inconsistencies – your essay should be perfect. A slightest error may spoil the entire impression.
  • Make your essay personal and emotional. Speaking about the subject with emotion means that you have a passion to what you do, and in this way, you can become a valuable asset in the company’s team, with enthusiasm and commitment so vital for projects’ success.
  • Don’t violate the given word limit – it is better to stay strictly within it. Writing less is generally unacceptable, while exceeding the limit should be maximum by 10%.
  • Stick to the given topic – do not let yourself deviate and speak about unrelated things. Such deviations may create an impression that you do not understand the topic and are not competent in the field in which you are seeking scholarship.
  • If you are promoting some innovative, creative idea, give it enough detail and clarification. The major aim here is to achieve a buy-in, and this essay may be your only chance to achieve this aim.
  • Find a person for the final proofreading check. A detached reader is always much better at finding incomplete and run-on sentences, poor grammar, typos, and missing punctuation.
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