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Do you need help proofreading your essay? This is what DoMyEssays is readily able to provide to all clients. Our professionals are good at writing and editing; besides, we hired a team of PhD editors who work exclusively with editing and proofreading online, thus guaranteeing the unchangeably high quality of papers submitted to our clients. Thus, you can always rely on our proofreading service, be it a dissertation or college essay proofreading assignment. Here, we also share some secrets of rigorous, comprehensive proofreading for those who wish to try and do it on their own.
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What Is Editing/Proofreading?
In essence, proofreading involves close reading of the final draft for the sake of detecting and eliminating errors in grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation. Proofreading may be conducted for the sake of verifying the validity, coherence, and informativity of content – in this case, you may need to check your essay or other kind of assignment against the following checklist:
  • Is your argumentation fully persuasive and well-supported?
  • Are there any evident gaps and inconsistencies in reasoning?
  • Are there points weaker than others?
  • Are there are counter-arguments that have not been addressed in the text?
  • Is the thesis statement clear?
  • Are the introductory and concluding sections well-rounded and appropriate to the total length of the essay?
After you have fine-tuned the text of your assignment to all content issues and have introduced valuable changes making the essay more readable, you can proceed to formal proofreading for mechanics of writing:
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuation inconsistencies
  • Formatting problems.
You should also take proper account of your word choice and transitions you used for coherence of text. Look at your text critically – are there are wordy and redundant sentences? Can the text be enhanced further? All these are elements of effective, complete proofreading that you might include in your final document check.
Some Hacks for Making Your Checks More Effective
Proofreading is a lengthy and laborious process, but it can be made easier if you follow some life hacks offered by our experienced professionals. These pieces of advice may indeed make the process of proofreading more effective and, what is more, much more pleasurable:
  1. Proofread your text in the print version. It is much easier to identify misprints and punctuation errors when the text is not on the computer screen but is typed. Try this method and you will see your paper from a different angle.
  2. Read the paper out loud. When you are writing some passages, they naturally seem OK to you, and your line of argument is understandable. However, this may be not the same for others, and what sounds good in your mind may turn out to be nonsense when it is spelled out. Reading the text aloud allows you to hear your thoughts as if they were voiced by somebody else, which is a very valuable objective insight into what you have written.
  3. Ask several people to read your paper and comment on it. The best reviewer is always a person different from the one who has written the text. It is much better to find 2-3 persons who are competent in writing enough to give reasonable advice. Hence, you can always combine their feedbacks and correct all mistakes in the paper to make it perfect.
  4. Give yourself a break and then proofread once more. If time allows, place the text aside for some hours, in the best variant – for a day, and give yourself some rest from writing and revisions. After you clear your mind, some errors can surface when you take a fresh look at the paper.
  5. Complete a sophisticated word check. A life hack especially for you – the check will be much more effective if you read the paper sentence by sentence in the reverse order. In this way, you are less likely to focus on the content and flow but will treat every sentence separately.
What Does Your Essay Proofreading Service Include?
We hire only highest-order professionals who know much about all aspects of writing, editing, and composition requirements of major academic establishments. Hence, they are able to produce a totally comprehensive check of your paper of any size and complexity level. When checking the paper, they take into account the following issues:
  • Misspelt words
  • Omitted or redundantly repeated words
  • Plurals that are left off
  • Omitted apostrophes with the use of possessives and contractions
  • Omitted full stops, dashes, commas, and quotations marks
Can You Complete the Proofreading of My Essay?
Yes, we can handle the troublesome issues of essay proofreading for you, and complete the full-scale, comprehensive check for all dimensions of writing, mechanics, coherence, and style fitting your academic level and the requirements of your supervisor. Our writers render professional proofreading services to the most demanding clients, and you can always count on our help as the best essay proofreading service online. Just contact our support and negotiate the terms of order with them to receive timely and competent college essay proofreading service from us – we are always here to help you!
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