Guarantee of Your Success
Working with us, you guarantee yourself academic success, since all our writers approach their tasks with creativity, originality, and put their heart into critical analysis and research performed for you. Each writer is highly credentialed in your specific discipline, thus able to compose a brilliant work with a fresh insight even into the most trivial and well-researched fields of science. As a result, your papers will always remain on top of the class rating because of their content and flawless organization. Order papers from us to study without stress and always to be sure in your exam and assignment outcomes!
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Plagiarism-free Guarantee
We know that plagiarism is the worst enemy of a writer, be it a school student or a PhD researcher. Consideration of originality lies at the heart of ethical research, so being accused of plagiarism may cause unexpected consequences such as dismissal from the course and even suspension of your studies at the educational institution. That risk is not worth taking! Your losses may not be limited to money and time only; this is mostly about your reputation. Hence, we offer utmost care about all products’ originality by conducting rigorous double checks of all papers before submission to clients. We use only premium paid resources that take care of plagiarism entirely, and you can rest assured that your assignments completed by our authors are totally free from borrowed material, while the materials that are really taken from outside sources (for the sake of correct completion of the task) are properly referenced.
Meet Our Writing Team
Another aspect of which we take proper care is the quality of all writings undertaken by our writers. Before admitting a new writer to the writing team, we conduct a thorough, multi-stage check of his or her talents and professional capabilities, so that we are sure that every writer can provide only high-quality works to all our users. The overwhelming majority of writers are ENL speakers, while a small percentage of ESL writers (with Master’s and PhD education) are present in the team to fulfill the needs of plain-English writing for foreign students. All of them pass grammar tests, a test for knowledge of referencing styles, a test for essay composition, and a telephone interview to identify language proficiency and areas of expertise. Hence, all of them are double-checked and their competencies are verified for your safe use of our company’s services. The writing process is also subject to a rigorous quality check; Do My Essays follows a stringent policy regulating communication with the client, provision of timely feedback and drafts, and timely handling of revision requirements in case of need. Typos and grammar mistakes in texts, if detected during a preliminary check of the Quality Assurance Department, are severely punished, affecting the writers’ rating. Therefore, we can state confidently that the focus on quality at all stages of performance is at the heart of our work philosophy, and you can rest assured that all your needs will be adequately satisfied and an A grade paper will be prepared by our professionals.
On-time Delivery Guarantee
Compliance with deadlines is a crucial priority among our managers and writers; we take proper care of organizing the work process in such a way that you received a writer on time and tracked the progress of your order without nerves, stress, and pressure. It happens so that some writers may be occupied with their current orders at the moment, and you may need to wait for the writer to be assigned, but for urgent orders, we take proper effort to avoid delays and find the best-fitting writers manually by contacting them and negotiating the matter. You can see that concern about our clients’ interests in everything we do, and we urge all our writers to follow the same pattern. To avoid delays, we encourage compliance with the following rules among our writers:
Once the order is assigned to a writer, he or she should study all materials at once to ask all questions and request additional materials from the customer on time, not in the last moment
We urge writers to log in to the system at least once in 24 hours to check messages from clients and respond to them in a timely manner
All writers have to discuss the timeline of progress reports with clients, especially on large orders that customers want to receive in parts.
Money-back Guarantee
We strive to delivering the best-quality papers on 100% of our orders to achieve maximum satisfaction of all our clients. Nevertheless, we agree that sometimes unexpected situations and emergencies happen, precluding the writers to submit papers on time or urging them to write poor-quality papers because of some family or health problems. Our company does its best to eliminate and anticipate such situations, so we encourage writers to warn about their problems in advance and ask to reassign the orders. However, if such situations do occur and you receive a paper of poor quality or in no compliance with your requirements, we are always ready to provide your full compensation. If poor quality is detected, please file a Refund request in accordance with our Refund Policy to support, the case will be investigated by the Quality Assurance Department and if your claims are found valid, you will receive a full refund within 14 business days.