Why We Need 3-day Weekend

A long time ago, people had to work six days a week in the US. 1908 became the turning point in the careers of the workers of the mill in New England. Saturday became one more day off for Jewish workers at first and then this became popular in other states. A five-day working week is considered to be normal these days, but some people think that two days are not enough for living a good life. They feel too much stress because of the need to spend a lot of time in the offices.

A standard working week includes 40 hours when a person works full-time. However, the reality is different because more than 50% of workers spend more time in the offices. People are afraid they can be replaced by someone else, so they can spend many more hours a week in the office. It doesn’t mean that this very person is busy with work. People waste a lot of time to make others believe they are hard-working and they devote time to something important.

3-day Weekend

If people have this fear, it will be the reason why we should not have a 3 day weekend. They do not realize what harm this approach can cause on their bodies and mental state. If a person devotes too much time to work, there’s a high chance to become anxious and depressed. Eating habits don’t seem to be normal for people who sit in front of the screens all days long. The need to have five days to do the job is doubtful.

Efficiency of work during four working days

There’s no clear answer why we should have a three day weekend, persuasive speech of one of the workers won’t do good for anyone in the office. So there should be another way out. Considering the research can be optimal for calculating the required number of days for a weekend. An adult can focus on one thing for about 15-20 minutes. Every worker needs to have a short break for about a minute and come back to work again. If a worker doesn’t have any breaks, the efficiency of the process is falling. An average person can check emails, Facebook newsfeed or think of something else but work.

Thinking over the reasons why 3 day weekends are good for you can lead us to the fact that the prosperity of any business depends only on the efficiency of work and not on the number of hours that an employee spends in the office. It means that a hardworking staff can do much more than during four days if they have enough time for relaxing during the weekend. There will be enough time for family, friends and other things that are impossible to do during the two-day weekend.

Thinking why 3 day weekends are bad for you can lead to another thing like difficulties to concentrate on the work on Monday. If there was a great weekend, people can feel too relaxed to rush into work at a high tempo. To avoid this situation, people should make Sundays calm and relaxing without too much positive or negative stress. The same works with kids in the kindergarten. They will feel less stress and sleep well at nights.

Why We Need 3-day Weekend

If we take the efficiency of education, 3 day weekends for school will help students have more free time. Children can have rest from sitting at schools for many hours every day and spend these days as they want. Of course, students can do some homework or prepare some new projects. One day can be for physical activity, the second day will be for traveling somewhere and the last day will be for preparation for school.

The conclusion

There are obvious three day weekend benefits like restoring physical and mental health from stressful situations at work. If a person feels that Friday is the happiest day in life only because it’s the last working day, it’s good to change the working schedule to add more weekends. There’s no sense in suffering from work and spoiling life with too long working hours five days a week. Four days will be more than enough for the prosperity of the business.

Japan is the first country that found the answer to the question why we need 3-day weekend. You can find a few companies that use this schedule to raise the efficiency. If people have rest the proper way, they will have more power and motivation to work productively during four working days. Students will not lose anything is they have one more day off. It will be very hard to change the habitual workflow and the number of days that people will devote to work, but the new trend is already on its way.


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