What is the MLA citation for The Great Gatsby?

The Great Gatsby citation

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It is not a secret that the great Gatsby is a real masterpiece of the world literature. Everybody knows that a professional writer F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote this book. To be honest, this book is one the best in my library because it shows our culture. In addition, when I read this book, I can feel the atmosphere of that era. It is an incredible experience, that’s why I am glad to reread this book from time to time. Moreover, I usually recommend this book to my friends, relatives or just comrades who ask my advice. And it is quite obvious that I like to use quotes from this book in my essays or articles. However, how to choose The Great Gatsby citation? I think that it is a real problem not only for students from all over the world but also for other people who like this magnum opus of Fitzgerald but who do not want to breach copyrights. As a result, I decided to prepare a short article, in which we are going to consider such question as The Great Gatsby MLA citation, The Great Gatsby citation APA and other important aspects of this problem. So, if you want to discover something new and amazing, do not stop reading this article!

How to choose The Great Gatsby citation?

As we have already mentioned, this book is very popular. Many thousands of book-lovers from all over the world keen on this novel. Moreover, they even created a movie based on this book. After this advertisement, there are no chances to hide this book, that’s why it is very important to understand how to use The Great Gatsby citation. If you do not know how to choose The Great Gatsby citation, here are some useful pieces of advice, which can help you to solve this problem:

  • Find citation, which have already been used, on the Internet

Of course, this way is a bit obvious but it is the easiest opportunity to overcome problems. There are many reviews and articles about this book. We are sure that there are many examples of a successful citation. Just copy these examples and forget about this problem forever.

  • Online-constructors

We live in the 21st century, there are many online services, which can help you with book citation. Just choose the right Great Gatsby publisher and click the button to get the result. For example, if you choose The Great Gatsby book citation MLA, you will get something like this – “Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940. The Great Gatsby. New York :C. Scribner’s sons, 1925. Print.” On the other hand, you can choose another citation style (APA) and the result will differ. Try to check out your book without any additional help here – However, do not forget that a special software created these citations and it may contain errors. So, we strongly recommend you to check out the result at least twice to avoid any problems. Many professional writers also advise students to check the appropriate style guide if you want to verify accuracy.

  • Forums and blogs

You can google examples of a particular citation to make sure that you are right but it is a very bad idea to rely on commentators on Quora or another service. The probability of mistakes is too high. And it usually requires modification according to the edition, date of publishing, the name of publisher and other important aspects.


Therefore, use our simple pieces of advice and you will create the right the great Gatsby citation. There are no problems to find some examples on the Internet or create it with the help of a special website. You should be glad that you are not forced to do The Great Gatsby movie citation because it is significantly more difficult than book citation. So, follow our recommendations and you will overcome all problems connected with copyright!

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