What is an Explanatory Essay

What is an Explanatory Essay

How to write an explanatory essay?

As you can see from the name, the explanatory essay means providing the description of some opinions, facts or events. Your main goal is to make complicated things simple. In other words, you should explain something the way it becomes easy to understand for everyone. Your secondary goal is educating your readers. It’s better not to express your personal opinion and writing too obvious things. Start writing the essay with a research and writing the outline.



Don’t skip the research step when writing the essay. You can use online and offline libraries, various reliable websites, scientific articles and so on. They will become a solid foundation for the essay. After the research, you will be able to develop a thesis that you will place at the end of the explanatory essay introduction. Don’t write your opinion, just state what you’re going to explain and why this topic is so important for the reader. The thesis will be the skeleton of the text.


Writing an explanatory essay example

is explanatory essay? Explanatory essay writing is a great skill that you will master while preparing the text. You will use this skill at your future job and in everyday life when you face the task to explain something to another person. You can easily distinguish this type of an essay by the words like “explain”, “explaining”, “define” and other similar words. If you have the right to choose the topic, you should focus on things that you know well. If not, than you will have to spend a lot of time on the research. Scroll down to see the tips on how to start an explanatory essay, how to choose the topic and so on.

The preparation

The preparation step

a few words about this step above. Choose the topics for explanatory essay. Make notes when doing the research. It’s not necessary to use all the information that you’ve noted down. Use your imagination when making notes. You can draw schemes, pictures or actions. The more things you collect on paper the easier it will be for you to explain the topic for the readers. Making the outline will help you organise the logical structure of the essay. You can use scissors to cut the paper and put pieces in the order from start to finish.

Draft the essay

Draft the essay

ed the thesis, you can start writing the text. Be ready that you will have to rewrite it several times to make it look and sound perfect. A standard explanatory essay format consists of five paragraphs where the first is the introduction, the next three paragraphs are the body and the last paragraph is the conclusion. You should start the text with stating the topic, why you have chosen it and why it’s so important to explain. You can also state if it was ever explained by someone else.
The body should consist of three to five facts that you have collected from different sources. If you state a sentence, you should support it with the evidence from the reliable sources. You shouldn’t write your personal opinion on the topic, just use the data written by other people. The conclusion should contain the thesis and the summary of the body paragraphs. The biggest mistake that many students make is introducing new facts in this part.

Read the essay


Read the essay

the draft, it’s high time to read it. And we advise reading aloud and recording it. You will hear the mistakes, you will also notice any misconceptions or other contradicting facts. Ask yourself questions whether the reader can understand what you mean. You can even ask your friend to read the essay to see if you provide the explanations in a clear manner. Check if there are transitions between paragraphs. They should be connected one with another. Check the last paragraph so it doesn’t leave the feeling of something unfinished.

Edit the essay

If al

Edit the essay

it’s time to look for mistakes. According to the explanatory essay definition, you should clearly write what facts or events mean. This is your primary goal. If you don’t do this, nothing can save it from the low grade. If you write a brilliant text but with a lot of mistakes, you will also fail. Check the text for stylistic mistakes, grammar and spelling errors. You can also use the software for this. However, we don’t advise you to fully rely on it as it cannot correct all the mistakes.

Search for help with the essaySearch for help with the essay

y essay and you know how to write it, but it can happen than you can’t cope with the task. Many students face the situation when they simply lack time to write the essay because there’s a lot of other work that has to be done. If a student tries to cope with all the tasks on his or her own, there won’t be time for sleeping and eating. It’s not necessary to write all the essays and all the papers, you can search for assistance at Do My Essays.

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