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French words do sound rather fancy, don’t they? Most people actually agree with this statement, yet more often than not people are using these words without actual understanding what they are saying. For example, let’s take a look at word vestige definition.


What does “vestige” actually mean? Well, it’s first meaning actually sounds quite depressing. Vestige is a mark of a trace that was something originally hear but is no longer around. Or even exists. Another meaning is closely related to the first one that it’s a surviving remainder of something. Most people use it to describe a very slight amount of some matter, but, as we said before, this is not entirely correct.

There is also a biological definition to this word, and this one is quite different from the rest. In biology vestige mean a generation of an imperfect organ that has little to no use but was useful in generation preceding the current one. Pretty scary, huh?

If we were to use vestige in a sentence, it would be something like “The foundations of great cities are the last known vestiges of this civilization”. Vestiges synonyms are pretty hard to think of. The only one that really comes to mind is probably the word “token”, maybe “trace”. A less obvious one would probably be a “hint” or a “suggestion”.

Another question is what’s a correct vestige pronunciation? Well, even though the word comes from French, it has been appropriated into English language quite a while ago so there is no really special way to say this word. If were to write a transcription for this word it would looks something like this [ves-tij]. To find out more about the word’s origin and meaning, there is always an option to visit

Now let’s get real for a second. Why do we even need to know the definitions of words? To solve crosswords of course! And what vestige crossword clue might help us out? Well, most of the time is when a word “vestige” is in the puzzle, it refers to something like “ashes” or “sparks”.” Flashes” is another good one. If we arr really reaching, we can go with something such as “Mementos” or “relics”. Basically anything that means that something used to be here but now it is completely gone.

vestige definition

There is also a company called “Vestige” that creates a variety of different things. Vestige products vary from health care innovations to oral and personal care and are quite good, actually. Give them a try in case health is something really important for you.

This is a word “vestige” right here with nearly all the possible information about it. Enjoy some new knowledge!


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