Top ten hardest engineering majors in college

10 hardest engineering majors

In general, there is no such thing as “hardest” or “easier” major in college. Of course, different specializations require different approach for studying, different subjects to learn, different time to spend for homework. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of engineering majors by difficulty. You will be able to see the difference between these engineering majors and make a right choice for yourself.

Of course, each of majors leads to getting a degree, but some of them are really tricky and tough, so students need more time, effort, and concentration to study. Needless to say, if you are going to choose an engineering major, you must have good abilities in such sciences as math, physics, chemistry, etc. You can analyze your weakness and strengths to define a specialization to fit your skills.

Needless to say that for making an analysis of major difficulty, we need to use data about these specializations. In our work, we will use information from Reddit – this is a community website for engineering students. We know that only students themselves can be informative about various majors and difficulties they experience while studying.

We want to notice that comparing majors is not a task you should be very involved. It’s hard to compare different things because each and every major is unique in some sense. So, these things are not very comparable. You should understand that each college and university may have their own hardest engineering major ranking. The same with students: someone who hates computer science, would scream that computer engineering is the harder thing in this world, while another person may think this is the easiest major he or she ever heard about. That’s why each and every student can make their own unique list of hardest and easiest majors. We all have different skills and abilities, that’s why things that seem the hardest for someone, may seem easiest for another one.

List of 10 hardest majors according to Reddit

  1. Electrical engineering is the hardest undergraduate degree in the world according with Reddit users opinion. Students of this major are required to study electronics, electromagnetics, control systems, wireless communications, electrical insulation, etc. In the future, such specialists will work with various types of electronic devices.
  2. Petroleum engineering. Students defined this specialization as a quite hard to get, probably because such future specialists must learn geology, engineering basics, and thermodynamics. A petroleum engineer explores, extracts, and produce oil, and also participates in production of gas.
  3. Chemical engineering. This major includes such disciplines as chemistry (physical, organic, and biochemistry), engineering graphics, physics, geometry. This is a good field for students that love chemistry and want to work in production. There are a lot of opportunities for future career, but we recommend choosing this position only if your skills in chemistry are higher than average level.
  4. Aerospace engineering. Students of this major learn a lot of math, aerodynamics, engines, flight controls, etc. If you have dreamed all your life to work in such places as Boeing and NASA, this is exactly for you! But pay attention that you should be not just interested in spaceships and aircraft, but to have solid knowledge in math and physics.
  5. Mechanical engineering. You will be studying such subjects as materials science, biotechnology, thermodynamics, robotics, fluid dynamics, etc. This profession required good technical skills and ability to take important decisions. There are a lot of ways to build your future career: gas turbines development and production, electric generators, power tools, and other machines that work from power.
  6. Computer engineering is the sixth hardest engineering major. Reddit community students say this is quite popular specialization for those people that are interested in studying how the computers work. This major requires studying such subjects as computer science, math, physics. During learning, you will be involved in many projects in robotics, web technology, computer security. The main goal of such specialist is to design and develop computer software and hardware.
  7. Civil engineering. Students of this field learn math, computer science, chemistry economics, etc. There are many ways to build your future career with this major: you can work in transportation, geo-technical, wastewater, structural, construction spheres. You will be able to supervise the process of construction tunnels, buildings, roads, bridges, etc. This major requires working in team and searching for the most suitable solutions.
  8. Architectural engineering. This is an interesting major where students learn how to plan, design and build various structures effectively and safely. The main disciplines here are fluid mechanics, electrical circuits, engineering physics, structural analysis, etc. You can make your future career in the constructional field.
  9. Industrial engineering. This field requires studying such disciplines as business, math, science, psychology, etc. Such specialists develop new ideas about improving hospitals, factories, and many other organizations. Students of this major have to write a big number of case studies, and also make researches and reports.
  10. And, what is the easiest engineering major? This is environmental engineering that studies how to develop various equipment, structures, and systems without harming the environment by human activity. If you like math, ecology, and ready to solve problems, this major is right for you. During studying, students of this field work a lot with various design projects and other papers.

We hope that our list of engineering majors was useful for you; maybe you have agreed with our rating, or maybe you even just notice a major you are interested in. Hopefully, you will find a right major for you and get all the needed skills for the particular specialization. As you already read, students of any major are required to write many academic papers. You may feel worried how you will be able to complete so many tasks. Calm down, there is always a good chance to get professional help online and order a successful work from the experienced writing service without wasting a lot of time and money.

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