Top 80 of Interesting Science Topics

 science topics for essay

So, you are required to write a science essay, and you are in trouble with choosing good science topics for your future work? Don’t worry, we will provide you with a list of the most popular science research topics of four categories, and you will be able to write a brilliant essay to impress your audience and get high grades. Go ahead and read our article to the end!


  1. What causes breast cancer and why many women get ill?
  2. How to heal leukemia in the best way?
  3. Why it’s so difficult to heal malaria?
  4. Do we need a law forcing youth people to get HPV vaccine?
  5. How to heal Alzheimer’s disease?
  6. Can we use venom from snakes and spiders in medicine safely?
  7. Why antioxidants are so important to people? How they help prevent diseases?
  8. How to get over allergies? What medical therapy works the best?
  9. Why multivitamin pills are so important? Is it possible not to take them, but to eat only healthy food?
  10. Why the flu vaccine works only temporary? Why we need to make a new for each season?
  11. Why it’s so much important for health to sleep enough?
  12. Does breastfeeding help to prevent breast cancer?
  13. Why the flu virus has a new strain each year?
  14. How to avoid cancer effectively?
  15. What causes epilepsy and how it can be treated effectively?
  16. How to prevent memory loss of elder people?
  17. What is the best way to prevent heart diseases?
  18. How deficient of vitamin D affect small children?
  19. Can we use 3-D printers in medicine?
  20. How to prevent glaucoma?


  1. How sports affect men and women health?
  2. How stress and tension affect human health?
  3. How bacteria inside human hurt and help us?
  4. How to treat cancer with nanotechnology help?
  5. How the chemicals in food packaging can affect human health?
  6. What is the best way for a woman to carry a healthy child?
  7. The best diet for human health.
  8. Why antibacterial soaps and lotions are not good for people health?
  9. Do antiperspirants affect cancer?
  10. Why the polio vaccine is so important for children health?
  11. How to keep your brain healthy longer?
  12. How the human body protect themselves from diseases and viruses?
  13. Can a human get some diseases from wild animals?
  14. How to prevent sexually transmitted diseases?
  15. How antibiotic can help and harm our health?
  16. How to prevent eating disorders of children?
  17. What’s the best way to prevent miscarriages?
  18. How to keep your heart healthy for long?
  19. Is dementia fatal? How it can be treated?
  20. How leukemia affects human health? What are ways to prevent this disease?


  1. Does a woman’s aggression during pregnancy affects baby?
  2. How to delete bad memories?
  3. How does our memory work?
  4. How infections and diseases can affect people memory?
  5. Does eating junk food increase aggression in kids?
  6. How nervous disorder affects our health?
  7. Does caffeine really “refreshes” our brain?
  8. How to overcome sexual addiction?
  9. What causes violence?
  10. Why many celebrities have a difficult and unhappy lives?
  11. How computer games affect children’s brain?
  12. Is it useful for mental health to laugh and smile a lot?
  13. Does a depression can be treated without medicine?
  14. What causes bullying of kids?
  15. Do different people have various sense of smell?
  16. How does our brain works and how we can use it more effectively?
  17. Can the smell affect the way we think?
  18. How to overcome delusions? Why it’s very hard for some people?
  19. How people separate things on right and wrong?
  20. Why alcohol causes aggression of adult people?

Environment and ecology

  1. What are ways of improving the environment?
  2. How the greenhouse effect affects environment?
  3. Is it effective to keep rear animals in zoos to save them?
  4. The project of safe nuclear reactor: does it exist?
  5. Can we use more effectively alternative energy sources? What do we need to do this?
  6. How can we help some countries in their growing energy needs?
  7. What causes air pollution and how to prevent it?
  8. How we can save birds?
  9. How climate change affects ecosystems?
  10. How ecotourism affects ecosystems?
  11. Why climate changes and how it affects on ecology?
  12. How to make our planet greener?
  13. How to save plants in climate changing conditions?
  14. How can we provide people of all countries with clean water?
  15. How can we replace nuclear energy?
  16. Do greenhouse effect harm people?
  17. How we can safe forests?
  18. How earthquakes affects ecology?
  19. How to prevent wildfires and save nature?
  20. How oil drilling affects coast ecosystems?

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