Top 80 of Great Controversial Essay Topics

controversial essay topics

When you are required to write a controversial essay, you should pick up a debatable and interesting subject. This may be not so easy to do, that’s why we offer to you our list of the most interesting controversial essay topics. We hope you will get an inspiration with our little help, and create a bright paper to impress your audience.

  1. What age is the best to have children?
  2. Should schools have a subject of sex education?
  3. Is it safe to have sex with an HIV positive person?
  4. Should parents be strict with their children?
  5. How computers affect people?
  6. Should prostitution be banned?
  7. Can a woman rape a man?
  8. What’s the minimal age to drink beer?
  9. Should people get free condoms in the drugstore?
  10. Does age gap can affect relationships?
  11. Should we use animals for tests and researches?
  12. How our education system should be changed?
  13. Is it necessary to teach children handwriting at schools nowadays?
  14. Pollution of oceans and ways to avoid and minimize it.
  15. Do parents have a right to torture their kids?
  16. Should a husband go to jail if he raped his wife?
  17. Should people have a legal right to committing a suicide?
  18. Should incest be legalized in some countries?
  19. Can we stop AIDS?
  20. Asexual people: do they really exist?
  21. Why gay marriage should be banned over the world?
  22. Is pedophilia a disease or another kind of sexual orientation?
  23. IS being a gay means being sick?
  24. Palm oil is harmful to use, so it should be banned.
  25. Bad patients should be allowed to use heroin as a painkiller.
  26. Why the war between Ukraine and Russia can’t be stopped?
  27. Fast food restaurants should take responsibility for their clients’ obesity.
  28. Only full families should be allowed to adopt a child.
  29. Drugs should be allowed to use in some sports.
  30. Should school allow students to grade their professors?
  31. Is it normal for a man to get a paternity leave from work?
  32. Is it dangerous to use cell phones?
  33. Should a girl stay a virgin till marriage?
  34. Is it possible to stop corruption around the world?
  35. Should boys and girls study in separate classes in school?
  36. Can people under 18 be allowed to smoke?
  37. Why it’s illegal for a married man to have a lover if his official wife doesn’t want sex with him?
  38. Should we close zoos to protect wild animals and make their lives better?
  39. Should hunting on any kind of animals be banned?
  40. Should making clothes from fur be banned?
  41. Why for a young man it’s shameful to be a virgin, but for a young teen girl it’s a kind of rule to save her virginity as long as she can?
  42. Are modern people too dependent of their smartphones?
  43. Should small business be allowed to pay less taxes to survive?
  44. Should we make this world cleaner?
  45. Should owners of gasoline cars be forced to pay additional taxes for pollution?
  46. Is it legal for teachers to punish students at school?
  47. Should the prostitution be fully legalized?
  48. Should pregnant teenagers be forced to make abortions?
  49. Why the lottery industry should be banned.
  50. Should gay or lesbian families be allowed to adopt a child?
  51. Should a person be punished if he/she committed a murder for self-defense?
  52. Should we have a censure on Internet?
  53. Is it right to let children surf the Internet without parental control?
  54. Should contraception implants be banned?
  55. All pets should have chip implants for easier identification.
  56. Should adult content be banned on TV during day hours?
  57. Should we have ads about being vegetarian?
  58. Should McDonald’s restaurants be banned?
  59. Should pedophiles get a death penalty for raping kids?
  60. Is it good to make researches in DNA cloning?
  61. Should cosmetic surgery be banned?
  62. Should women with breast cancer be allowed to get free breast surgery after operation?
  63. Should steroids be banned to use?
  64. Why the government can’t ban the pornography?
  65. Relationship between students and teacher.
  66. Should death penalty be legalized in all countries?
  67. Is it legal for teenagers to have sex before 18?
  68. Should we legalize cloning?
  69. Is it correct to punish children when they do something wrong?
  70. Private rights on Internet: do we really care about it?
  71. Do schools need dress code?
  72. Should we use slang or it must be banned?
  73. Should schoolchildren be allowed to talk on cell phones?
  74. What age is the most appropriate for youth to start dating?
  75. Do schools give too much homework to children nowadays?
  76. Should schools simplify the admission process?
  77. Is it legal to employ people under 18?
  78. Should the USA simplify the visa process for tourists?
  79. Is it good to go to church if you are not truly believer?
  80. Are zodiac signs really changed too much when the 13th sign appeared?

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