Top 100 of The Best Narrative Essay Topics

narrative essay topics

When you have to write a personal essay, you must highlight things from your personal experience. It’s important to choose an interesting topic to motivate your audience to read the entire story to the end. You can get ideas about your future work from our list of personal narrative essay topics. Choose a brilliant subject and tell your readers a great story!

  1. If I had a superpower, what would I do?
  2. Living on my own: difficulties and advantages.
  3. My own receipt of overcoming troubles.
  4. If I would be a celebrity, what would I do?
  5. How I overcome my fears?
  6. If I could back in time, where I would travel?
  7. If I could fly, where I would go?
  8. If I could understand animal’s language, what I would tell them?
  9. If I had a million dollars, how I would spend them in one day?
  10. What I am afraid to lose the most in my life?
  11. How I met my best friend?
  12. A book that totally changed my views on this life.
  13. What I ashamed the most?
  14. 5 achievement I feel proud of.
  15. What gives me the best inspiration?
  16. If I would be a scientist, what I would invent?
  17. I’d like to change this world.
  18. What I hide from the most people?
  19. How my worst enemy became my best friend?
  20. The hardest choice in my life I ever made.
  21. The biggest disappointment I ever had.
  22. The most interesting fantastic story I even read.
  23. If I could talk with my pet.
  24. If I could be an animal, whom I would choose?
  25. If I could live in different country, what I would choose and why?
  26. Do money important for my life?
  27. If I would be a teacher.
  28. If I could live at least one day being a fish.
  29. The hardest day in my life.
  30. The most important day in my life.
  31. A first day with my lovely pet.
  32. The funniest day of my life.
  33. How did I learn to swim?
  34. The scariest movie I ever watched.
  35. A dangerous experience that brought a lot to my life.
  36. If I was a little baby.
  37. The hugest misunderstanding with a person.
  38. If I would be a president.
  39. If I could back in time and live my life again?
  40. The most exciting vacation in my life.
  41. The car of my dream.
  42. The house I dream to live.
  43. How I solved a very important problem in my life?
  44. If I would be very rich.
  45. If I would be very poor.
  46. If I would be a cartoon character.
  47. My favorite teacher.
  48. If I could drive a plane.
  49. If I would be an astronaut.
  50. How I affected someone’s life.
  51. My first memorable birthday party.
  52. A party of my dream.
  53. If I was a model.
  54. If I had a time machine.
  55. The best present I ever got.
  56. My first love I’ll never forget.
  57. A story from other person that changed my life.
  58. The ugliest thing I ever did.
  59. The wrong choice I made and how it affected my life.
  60. One thing I would like to change in myself.
  61. If I would be a writer, what book I would create?
  62. If I had a 3-D printer.
  63. If I could get as much money as I want.
  64. The most unexpected moment in my life.
  65. The most successful moment I ever felt.
  66. I am proud of my friend.
  67. My family is everything for me.
  68. How my friend makes me feel better?
  69. If I had power to heal people.
  70. If I lived on North Pole.
  71. How I can help homeless people?
  72. Animals can be better than some people.
  73. The biggest quarrel with my best friend.
  74. My favorite movie I suggest watching to everyone!
  75. Hello, I am an introvert.
  76. If I had a magic stick.
  77. My favorite season.
  78. If I lived 200 years ago.
  79. If I lived 200 years forward.
  80. A place I don’t like.
  81. If I could back in time and start my life from the very beginning.
  82. 10 things I afraid the most.
  83. 10 things I like the most.
  84. If I would be a robot.
  85. If I could invent the medicine to heal all diseases.
  86. If I could talk to souls of dead people.
  87. If I could meet Elvis Presley.
  88. The biggest dream of my entire life.
  89. The moment of my life I want to forget.
  90. My favorite food I am ready to eat all time.
  91. How I won in fighting with cancer.
  92. If I could live in a forest.
  93. If I could understand all languages in the world.
  94. If I could run away from difficulties.
  95. How I found understanding with my little brother or sister.
  96. If I could have a million of great friends.
  97. How I reached an important goal of my life.
  98. The first car I drove.
  99. The moment I felt I am not a kid anymore.

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