To Build a Fire Summary

to build a fire summary essay

Literature is an amazing accomplishment of our civilization. Throughout all our history so many great pieces of literature were introduced that everyone will have an easy time picking something to read. The book that we are going to be discussing tonight was written by one of the most beloved authors in the history of USA – Jack London. This is a story about a man going through tundra in northern Canada to visit his friends, its name is “To build a Fire” This is a short to build a fire summary.

Winters in Norther parts of the world are rather freezing, and Yukon territory is no different. In fact, it’s cold even by Canadian standards. This is exactly the territory where our protagonist is in. To build a fire characters are quite few in numbers, most of the story we see with the eyes of our unnamed protagonist. He is trying to reach his friends at a camp in Henderson Creek, but the journey ahead is tough. However, he is not completely alone as his dog is traveling with him. To build a fire symbolism is all over the place, London constantly uses “heat” in meaning of “life” and “cold” meaning “death” to portray an atmosphere of upmost despair.

Our protagonist is still full of hope in the beginning. But as he moves along – problems arise one after another. He falls into the frozen water, so he tries to warm himself up with some fire. But to build a fire answers one thing for sure – no one can survive long without a fire in the North. But our protagonist fails time after time in his tries to light up the few branches that he has. He eventually realizes, that he is losing this battle against nature, and that if he is not going to light a fire right now he is completely doomed. He thinks about killing a dog but, for a questionable reason, cannot go through with this. Some argue that is a to build a fire moral lesson, some argue that the man simply couldn’t draw the knife with his frozen arms. Anyway, he eventually gives up and tries the last resort – to run as fast as he can. But it’s very hard to run in the freezing cold and soon enough he drops and he can’t no longer get himself up. He dreams about the “boys” and that he finally reached them, when in reality he is slowly passing away lying in the freezing snow.

Dog howls for a few moments after his death, but then it runs to the camp. The “boys” finally find the dead body of our protagonist the very next day. So, here is a to build a fire essay right here. Of course, a more detailed to build a fire analysis can be made, but this one touches on all the important parts of the story. An extremely sad story that is yet an incredibly dramatic one.


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