Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing a Persuasive Essay

If you were given a persuasive essay assignment and you cannot get your writing off the ground, do not be embarrassed. Even though this type of essay is the most common one, it is also one of the hardest because you have to appeal to readers’ emotions and persuade them that your point of view is the right one. In this article we will give you tips on persuasive essay writing and provide insight into how to construct a powerful paper.

Persuasive Essay Tips

To start with, the purpose of a persuasive writing is to convince the reader of your opinion and make them agree with you. That requires a certain attitude from you to a certain issue or an idea. Think carefully of your stance. What makes you think it is the right one? How can you convince the audience of your perspective? These are the questions you need to ask yourself that will let you prepare for your writing. During the pre-writing stage you should also undertake a research. It will enable you to gather facts which will make your essay more compelling. Read the source literature recommended by your teacher or browse the Internet. Make sure that the information you come across online is accurate.

Persuasive essay tips for introduction include starting your opening with a hook. You really need to grab your readers’ attention right away. For example, you could start like this: If someone told you that your favorite leisurely morning activity – jogging – can be detrimental to your life, you would not believe, would you? The fact is jogging can be dangerous…

Incorporate a thesis statement in your introduction. You will be referring to the latter throughout your essay. Continuing the topic related to jogging, a thesis argument could be like this: Studies show that strenuous physical activity during heavy-duty jogging could be as bad for your body as doing nothing at all.

In your main body you should underpin your thesis statement with facts. Use one fact at a time. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence and then provide supporting sentences that elaborate on the topic sentence.

  • Use linking words to ensure logical transitions between the paragraphs.
  • Be specific and keep your sentences up to the point. Avoid unnecessary wordiness and repeated information.
  • Keep the tone of your writing convincing and firm. Your paper should be authoritative and make readers believe in what you say. That can be achieved by using relevant facts.
  • Make reference to where the information you use comes from and cite your sources. To make the writing more compelling, use quotations of scientists and statistics received during various researches. Make strong emotional appeals to convince the audience. To address readers you can use first person singular (I) and second person plural (you).

The conclusion should briefly sum up what has been said in the main body and re-state the thesis statement announced in the introduction. It should be powerful and memorable and leave an impact on a reader. For instance, you can close your persuasive essay about jogging the following way: Remember that running as a high-impact sport and should be practiced with caution. Traumatized joints, low level of testosterone and too much strain on your heart can be detrimental to your health if you run too much and do it incorrectly.

After you finish your essay, make sure it is logical and fulfills its function to convince the reader. It is advised that you lay aside your writing for a day or two, and come back to it later. Re-read it and see if there is something in the structure or arguments that need to be altered. Is your essay logically structured? Do your own arguments appear to be convincing to you? Make sure there are no grammatical, spelling mistakes or informal words. Proofread punctuation as well.

It is also advised to give an essay to your parents or friends to read and give their opinion whether the paper is powerful enough.

Tips on How to Start a Persuasive Essay

The beginning is always the hardest, especially when it comes to writing an essay. It requires creativity and a bright idea, and not everybody is good at that. Our tips to writing a persuasive essay suggest using a persuasive essay prompt. In other words, you can look up an exciting topic online. There are hundreds of them available, and you should choose the one speaks to you and which you have a powerful opinion about. After you have chosen a topic for your essay, analyze the tips for persuasive essay we gave above and develop your own powerful persuasive essay.

If finding a persuasive essay writing prompt online did not help, and you still feel all at sea because you do not know how to start your writing, then hiring a writing company might be a smart decision for you. A professional highly qualified writer can write a paper on a set topic or can choose a topic themselves. Your essay can be done in as little as 3 hours after your order has been placed. Set your deadline, receive a quote, pay for the writer’s service and relax. You will receive an immaculate paper without any mistakes or inaccuracies. All of your teacher’s requirements will be taken into account and reflected in the paper. You will be likely to receive a better grade than you usually get on your written assignments. We would say that in the majority of cases it would be an “A”. So your satisfaction as a customer is guaranteed. If for some reason you feel that your essay could be written better, you are entitled to receive your money back.

Hope that our persuasive essay examples and tips will help you produce a convincing persuasive essay. If nothing else, then a team of professional writers will come to the rescue.

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