Tips for Writing a Narrative Interview Essay

Writing a Narrative Interview Essay

A great example of a narrative interview

Have you ever read an interview with a celebrity or any interesting personality? You can use interviews to find out more about your friends, family and other people around you. You can write the interview essay to show your writing skills. The teacher can give you the name of the individual you should interview or you can choose anyone you want. If you have the second variant, you should state the reasons why you have selected this very person. Obviously, the first step of writing the essay is conducting a real interview with the help of a prepared list of questions.

If you take a look at any of narrative interviews, you will see that the thesis contains the information about the person you’re interviewing and reasons why you have chosen him or her. You can use the quotes in this type of an essay, but you have a lot of freedom to express your thoughts and ideas about the question. It’s not necessary to retell the dialogue, you should say something valuable to the reader.

An efficient narrative format: interview and write the story

The narrative format of the interview lets you state questions, quote answers and write what you think about the interview. You can pick one or several topics to ask about. We advise you to find out some information about the preferences of your future readers. It’s not a good idea to interview a doctor about measles if your audience consists of fashion bloggers. We hope you got the idea. Your essay should provide full answers to the questions that won’t leave the feeling that something wasn’t said. Scroll down to see more tips for writing a narrative interview essay.

Set th

Set the aim of the interview

he first step of the preparation. You can even change the person to interview if you decide to change the purpose. If you’re writing about a historical event, you can interview the eyewitness or the historian. If you want to highlight a current problem, you can search for a person with a strong and popular opinion about it. The narrower the aim and the topic of the interview is the more time you should spend on choosing the right person. Every student can be a narrative interview writer, but a few people can be real experts.

Study th

Study the subject and make up questions

stinguishing the aim of the interview, it’s time to examine the topic. If you want to attract an expert to answer your questions, you have to know at least something about the subject. Writing a narrative interview cannot be done well if you don’t prepare for the interview. You can read the articles or the books by that person. You can look through past interviews and see how that person reacts to different kinds of questions. When you feel you know enough to make your own questions, start writing them on paper. We don’t advise using Yes/No questions not to bore the readers and get enough information about the subject. Don’t use the questions that everyone asks, try to be original.

Arrange and cond

Arrange and conduct the interview

m you’re going to interview, you may need to organise a meeting in advance. You should request the permission to use audio or video recording as well as taking any photos during the interview. Choose the place where both of you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Use a pencil and a piece of paper to make notes while the interview even if you have a fixed list of questions. You never know how the interview will end with the person you see for the first time. Don’t hurry up when asking questions, give enough time for thinking and giving you the answer. When you feel it’s time to finish, don’t forget to thank that person for the interview.

Write an essay


Write an essay

ntent ready, you can make some conclusions in your mind that will help you to develop a thesis. You can start writing the narrative interview paper with any sentence or phrase and develop a story around it. We don’t advise to start with an introduction as it will be easier to write after you write all the rest of the text. You can make up a story with the words provided by the person you have interviewed or the investigation. If you face the question like how to write my narrative interview and you don’t know how to collect all your thoughts together and put them on paper, it’s time to take a break. And come back again to writing in a few days.

Proofread the text


Proofread the text

ughts on paper, put the text away for a while. If you start proofreading the paper right after you finish writing it, you will not notice all the mistakes or stylistic errors. You can use the special software for grammar and spelling checks. Most of the students that get low grades skip this step. Even the most brilliant essay can be easily spoiled by the wrong use of articles or the wrong spelling of the person’s name.

Get help with the narrative inte

Get help with the narrative interview essay

interview essay takes much time that you can simply lack. It often happens that a student has a great topic, a fantastic person to interview, but there can be such obstacles that can prevent the arrangement. And it doesn’t always depend on you. If you face any problem with writing such an essay, you can order a cheap narrative interview writing service. Just place an order at Do My Essays, tell us the topic and get your essay ready in a specified period of time. You can order writing the whole text or only proofreading of the text that you have written yourself. Make a few mouse clicks and give our narrative interview writing for money a try.

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