Tips for Writing a Good History Essay

If you are wondering why high school pupils are assigned with essays for history, the answer is quite simple. This is one of the most efficient means for obtaining results of student’s understanding of the topic. Essay writing allows seeing how fully the student understands the topic and his abilities to analyze relevant historical information to give his own arguments to the history essay questions.

Also, the student needs to demonstrate his writing skills presenting material in a cohesive, understandable way. This can help the students to prepare for college or university.
History essays are different from the English class essays reminding research essays. The tip here is to start with an evaluation of the set question. It is usually not very easy to answer and may have a variety of solutions. It is based on some historical problems that caused discussions in the scientific circles.

Before writing the history extended essay you need to evaluate the question from different points of view. In order to get a good mark, you need to define the keywords used in the question. You may be wondering about is there only one answer to the discussed question.

Probably, there is as history is a sequence of real events but pupils’ task is to give the answer which seems to be the most obvious to them. They have to prove their point of view by all the needed arguments providing the readers with the evidences to support these points.

At the beginning you also need to give a definition of the keywords and key terms. It is better to find out a meaning of unknown words in the set question to know which sources to include into your research.

Create a history essay outline

In the process of conducting research of the historical sources organize your notes creating a plan with the developed structure. Note the evidence and the key quotes that make the arguments persuasive separately. When learning how to organize the evidence and arguments pupils are taught why study history, essay is regarded qualitative if all the points of the plan are connected together.

Start your history essay with a strong thesis statement

Once, you have the key terms defined you need to conduct directed research and make a strong thesis statement. Take into account that there two types of sources to use when writing a history essay, namely, primary and secondary sources. The first ones refer to such materials as texts, movies, photos that can serve a base for making a strong argument.

Secondary sources include papers by historians with an analyzing of the past facts. If you still cannot figure out what is history essay in practice, remember that it is still all about depicting historical events of some period but this depicting should be augmented, backed by facts.

Start an essay about history with an introduction that includes a thesis statement. You have to demonstrate that you understand the set question and do it in a eye catching way.
Remember to give in the introduction definitions of the key terms. Here you should not give the explanations, specifications or detalization to the arguments stated in the first paragraph.

Reveal your thoughts in the main paragraphs

The history essay body should include minimum 3 paragraphs or more, in case, in the introduction there included more than one point. Remember to divide the main body into a few paragraphs each of which supports one argument per paragraph.

Though every previous paragraph has to be linked to the next paragraph comprehensively. Present your thoughts and ideas concisely and precisely. Here you need to focus on the argumentation, try to avoid drifting away from the topic.

You need to provide both pros and cons to the arguments you are presenting. In the body paragraphs there should be contained all the explanations so that the readers could understand your point of view on every argument. Remember to pick up no less than three sources, that is, historical papers.

The amount of evidence is not limited depending on the number of the arguments. First, develop the idea giving the argument and evidence as well as supporting quotations after. So, in total, main body should contain such elements as:

  • thesis statement
  • arguments
  • evidences

The main tip on how to write a history essay concerns an ability of each pupil to develop and defend every stated idea revealing the appropriate arguments to the ideas.


The final part should contain the answer to the set question as well as the summary for which argument should be regarded decisive. As conclusion goes in the end of the history essay here you need to wrap up all the ideas discussed in the main paragraphs. In order to write a good history essay remember about relevance as every idea has to be argued in a reasonable and convincing way being connected with the right evidence.

Proofread your essay

Once, your history essay is written, proofread it for typing, spelling and punctuation mistakes. You may also take advantage of online spell checkers but don’t rely exclusively on these tools as they are designed to look for major visible mistakes. Also, pay attention to the language of your history essay, it should be concise as much as possible.

When revealing your thoughts avoid using the first person and colloquial language choosing the scientific style for writing your paper. Remember to structure and choose an appropriate history essay format, MLA, APA or other depending on the assignment. In case, you experience any difficulties with writing a history essay, ask for help from our team of professional writers to get an excellent essay.

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