Successful Scholarship Essay Sample

Successful Scholarship Essay Sample

Writing a successful scholarship essay is extremely challenging. However, I will try to give you a general impression of who I am and why you should consider my candidacy. To begin with, I am a Chinese. I recognize the importance of education in driving the positive economic, social, and cultural changes. For the past several decades, my country has invested much in education, which, along with careful planning and well-thought policies, allowed achieving unprecedented economic growth. However, there are still many social problems to address. I think that the focus is made on economic growth disproportionately. Meanwhile, many social and cultural issues remain unsolved. Therefore, I want to contribute to my country’s sustainable development by working in the sociology and public policy spheres.

This year, I graduated from the Peking University with a degree in sociology. Now, I am applying for scholarship support. My goal is to continue my study in the USA and get a Master’s degree. I am particularly interested in several issues. These include wealth and poverty, minority rights and integration, and ideology and religion. I am particularly interested in sociology and public policy, but getting insight into these disciplines requires a deeper understanding of laws and regulations creating a framework in which millions of different people interact. As a Mater’s student, I have clear goals. I am planning to write articles and research papers dedicated to these issues from the Chinese-born person’s perspective.

You may ask why Chinese interests are prioritized. As an international student, I represent a country that has an increasing influence on the whole world, both in economic and cultural spheres. We have indeed achieved much. However, like any other country that enjoyed fast economic development, China needs to adjust to the changes. It should find its place on the global map. However, doing this is impossible without looking at the local problems and issues affecting the society on the micro and macro levels. As a professional, I would like to help my country to come to terms with its legacy and build a new vision and goals. Achieving economic dominance is certainly great. However, we need to find ways to balance the social needs and reconcile different social groups within the country to develop harmoniously.

I have some basic experience in sociology. As a student, I participated in collecting the data for the large nation-wide study conducted by the local organization. My first-hand experience taught me much. I learned that sociology as a science is not well-developed in China compared to the Western countries, and I would like to turn the tide. More importantly, I realized how difficult it is to communicate with people and separate truly important knowledge from what is being presented in state-controlled newspapers and TV. As a future sociologist, I want to do more. I want to publish truly important studies containing valuable evidence that can attract politicians’ attention to real problems.

Why This Scholarship Matters

So, why this scholarship is so important to me? This organization has a long history of providing scholarships to aspiring students from all over the world to enable them to acquire knowledge and apply it in their communities. Your assistance is a perfect chance for students. With your support, I hope to gain valuable experience in the US context, which is crucial since American sociology has always been an example to follow. Learning from the best scholars and researchers in this field has always been my dream. Now I may make this dream come true. I hope you will consider my candidacy and give me a chance to contribute to the sociology sphere and its practical application.


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