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siddhartha sparknotes essay

Siddahartha might be one of the most renown novels of our world. It was written by Herman Hesse and it was first published in 1922. First of all, let’s start these Siddahartha sparknotes with a short Siddahartha summary.

What does this book talk about? Well, it is about a man called Siddahartha who lived in a time of a Buddha. The main plot of a novel is self-discovery. In our Siddahartha sparknotes chapter one, we are going to say that everything begins, when Siddahartha decided that he is ready to leave everything behind go for the search of the spiritual illumination. All his belongings he leaves behind and becomes just a homeless beggar wondering the streets. But he is not alone. He is accompanied by his good friend – Govinda.

While wondering the world, both friends finally personally meet the Buddha. They both listen to what he has to say. They both understand how smart his teachings are, yet Siddahartha is not egger to join him. Why is that the case? This Siddahartha shmoop believes that it is simply because he doesn’t think that anyone can teach the path to enlightenment. He believes that this is something that a person has to figure out on his or her own. So at this point, despite Govinda staying with the Buddha, Siddahartha decides to continue his search.

At this moment, Siddahartha wonders into a big city. There he meets the most beautiful women in the country – Kamala. However, Siddahartha is quite handsome of himself, and after a short period of time Kamala also becomes quite interested in him. She tells him that he must be a man of wealth in order for them to be together, and he agrees to go for it. He starts working for a local rich-man. His absolute patience helps him succeed with ease, and soon enough he becomes powerful and wealthy. Kamala is now his lover.

But his life turns out to feel shallow to Siddahartha. This is why he decides to leave it all behind once again and continue his search for enlightenment. He decided to live near the spiritual river. His lifestyle is very humble, but he feels rather happy.

A lot of time passes, and he once again meets Kamala. This time, she is traveling with her son to see Buddha as he is on his deathbed. She passes near a river right where Siddahartha is living, and she gets badly bitten by a venomous snake. Unfortunately, she dies and Siddahartha now takes care of her son. Soon enough he realizes, that this is in fact his son, and he tries his best to be a decent father.

But his son doesn’t understand the ways of tranquility and decides to run away. At first, Siddahartha tries to find him, just like any normal father. But then he realizes that he has to let his boy find his own path. He realizes, that all things are connected to each other in a one great cycle, and that even sufferings are a part of it. This when his enlightenment comes to him.

“Your soul is the whole world.” – among the most famous Siddahartha quotes. It means that we should realize the absolutely everything in our world is connected to one another.

Really hope that this Siddahartha analysis helped!


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