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Winning Scholarship Essay

Ever since I was a little child, I have always liked the nature and animals. They are a source of powerful inspiration for me. I have been responsible for the care of my dogs since I was seven. I also participated in community events that encouraged local people to create more green areas in our city. Recently, I got interested in waste management issues. I would like to study the ways through which people could reduce their footprint and protect the nature. I am not good at writing the winning scholarship essay, but I will try to explain why my candidacy is important.

Volunteer work has opened my eyes to environmental issues. I live in a beautiful city with parks and well-managed public space. However, I have begun noticing how improper waste management and irresponsible consumption patterns have endangered this place. I intended to change the situation. There is a local Greenpeace office that I joined to educate people on the importance of waste disposal and reduction of plastic use. We have organized several events to clean the suburbs from plastic and other debris, and people have enjoyed the results. Now I know that participation matters. When people are involved in the action and see the immediate results, it is easier for them to change their lives, to think about how they can contribute to the better environment and improved health.

Volunteering helped me to develop my leadership skills. Four months ago, I was asked to organize a public event to educate local people on the danger of plastic. I prepared the speech and invited as many people as I could to the local school where the event was to take place. To tell you the truth, I was extremely nervous. I thought that no one would be interested, while those who would are not motivated enough to change something about themselves. I wanted to convince people that using plastic is dangerous and that they should advocate for limiting its use in local supermarkets and stores. Luckily, my speech inspired people. There was a petition to sign at the end of the meeting, and I was happy to see how everyone signed it and asked me what else they could do to help. I realized that people wanted to improve the environment, but they simply lacked knowledge and motivation. I gave them that essential knowledge. Needless to say, I was proud of myself. I proved to myself that I could motivate people. As a student at Indiana State University, I gained valuable knowledge on the ecology and organismal biology to back up my community activity. However, I felt that I need more.

Now I would like to continue my study. My goal is to apply for the Biology – Ecology and Conservation course at the Uppsala University. I am convinced that this is a place where I can learn about the most innovative and effective conservation measures, participate in research, and gain valuable knowledge and skills to turn the tide in my community. Local people can also help me learn. I know that the community has put efforts into making the city clean and beautiful, and I would like to know more about their experience. However, I need financial assistance to succeed. My family can no longer support me in my study, while I cannot earn the required sum to pay for my education.

Your organization can help me make my dreams come true. Your scholarship support would mean much to me, and I promise to use it in the best way. I am a responsible student. I know how important education is and how challenging it may be to fight with one’s procrastination, doubts, and laziness. However, I have ambitious goals that drive me, so you can be sure that I will succeed in everything I do. I hope you will consider my candidacy.


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