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I was born in the Inuit community in Canada. Ever since I was a little child, I noticed how my people differ from the rest of Canadians. We have our values and worldviews, and our experience has made us special in many ways. However, we face unique challenges as well. The problem that bothers me the most is the low levels of education among the indigenous population. Statistics show that less than 23% of Aboriginal People have high school or post-secondary education. It is the greatest barrier to my community’s welfare.

I have a first-hand experience of being an Inuit with parents who have never studied in college. They have always told me how important it is for me to get a degree and find a good job, but it was clear that they had no idea how I can do it with our limited financial resources. Having a low-income family is indeed hard. I studied in school with the majority of white students, and I have always been amazed by how confident they were in making plans and setting ambitious goals. Almost all of them planned to attend college. I realize that if I want to get a college education, I need to work twice as hard and make sure I have enough financial resources to complete my study. Therefore, I apply for this scholarship support to be able to receive a good education and contribute to my community’s development.

Specifically, I aim to get a degree in education. I would like to advocate for indigenous people’s rights and create opportunities for them to receive a quality education. I am convinced that empowering Inuit people through education is the best way to end poverty, discrimination, and inequality. Education can make their lives better in many ways. They can get better jobs, be more informed about their rights and available opportunities, and have more resources to support their families. I would like to work on creating innovative educational programs for minority populations that would consider their unique needs and interests. I believe I can succeed in this. This scholarship, therefore, would mean much not only to me but also to all the people that I could help in future.

I do my best now to support my community. There is a small community center where I volunteer every week. I give free lessons to older people. It was shocking for me to learn how many people still cannot read and write, so I try to help them develop their literacy skills. During our lessons, we read newspaper articles, discuss the latest news, and do some writing exercises. I feel that I have already helped my “students.” Some of them could not read a simple advertisement in a newspaper, while now they can read books. However, I feel I should do more. There are hundreds of young people who would probably not be able to go to college or even finish their high school. It is critically important to give them the choice and opportunities to strive for better lives.

Your organization can turn the tide. You can not only help me make my dream come true but also contribute to the integration of minority populations into the society. By giving me the chance to get a degree in education, you provide me with an opportunity to invest my knowledge and skills into advocating for their rights. I know I cannot lose. My family and my community have supported and encouraged me to pursue higher education, so I hope you will consider my candidacy. Thank you for your attention.


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