Salutary Neglect Definition

salutary neglect definition essay

Britain has done a lot of very questionable things in the past. It’s no surprise, as for the most part of its history Britain had the biggest empire in the world. Because of that, the country tried to implement a number of different policies in order to keep their colonies in check. Today, we shall take a look at policy that had a very big widespread in the lands of North America. We will take a look at salutary neglect definition and see exactly what did this policy led to in the former British colonies.

In fact, this policy was actually the exact opposite of many oppressive one that Britain has implemented in its colonies. For the first time ever, the crown has decided to not enforce strict laws on American colonies that were designed to keep it under control. Why was that the case? To answer that, we need to understand that most man of power in Britain didn’t really care too much about the situation in the colonies. For them, most of it was just business. This is why they were way more interested in colonies turning in profit than they were in actually governing them.

It’s hard to overestimate salutary neglect significance. It basically led to the entire country developing from scratch because British paid very little attention to what was going on in these lands. If were to ask ourselves a question of how did salutary neglect affect the colonies – the answer would be that largely contributed to the nationalist’s movement.

When did the salutary neglect end? First of all, it wasn’t a policy that lasted from one time until the other. In fact, it was implemented and then canceled at least three times. When Lord Fredrick North decided to put an end to this policy, he was meat with strong resistance. His financial decisions basically made sure that the Americans would be pissed off enough in order to start openly demanding their independence.

If were to find the salutary neglect synonym for the better outstanding of the term, we would first take a look at salutary definition. For real, what does it even mean? It means “healthy” or “beneficial”. So the term means something like “healthy neglect” – because it was designed to help the colonies become more prosperous.

Salutary neglect most certainly helped Americans to feel live a sovereign nation. After all, why did they have to pay the British if they didn’t even govern them? This is why we should always remember this as something that truly helped American independence.


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