Salutary Neglect

salutary neglect essay sample

Former British Empire had colonies all around the world. Nearly every continent had a territory that was controlled by them. In the 17 and 18 centuries, the most profitable and rich one was by far North America. This is exactly the reason why British tried to make sure that the colonies always stay in check and that nothing can compromise their dominance in the region. As we all know, it ended in disaster for the British, as American colonies would later form an independent state now known as the USA. However, back than British were sure that their strict policies will keep everything under their control. One of these policies was salutary neglect.

What does salutary neglect stand for and how did solitary neglect affect the colonies are the exact questions that we will try to answer here. First of all, let’s talk about what this policy even meant. Solitary neglect was a policy that the laws the Parliament put in place would not be enforced in the colonies so that they remain under control. Basically, if Parliament would pass a law about certain freedoms, a colony would not even hear of that. The goal of Britain was not to establish a harmonious society, but to make sure that North America simply doesn’t revolt against it. Britain didn’t want to make colonies a part of their actual country, but to keep them as an isolated colony that simply pays tribute to an overlord.

Solitary neglect affected the colonies in great many ways. Nearly everybody understood, that without it the economy of North American colonies would grow at a much faster rate, which meant that people would become more and more independent. Salutary neglect significance is extremely high. When the policy was abandoned, it led to a rising nationalist movement, as more and more provinces were left to govern themselves. They liked the idea, and soon enough didn’t quite understand why should they obey and send the portion of their income to a government in London that doesn’t even assert its presence in North America anymore. Oh, and when did salutary neglect end? Most historians agree on the date 1775.

Visit in order to go through some salutary neglect quizlet. It will help to understand the subject even more, as this is quite a complicated thing. Depending on a country, people still have various opinions on whether or not the policy was a success or a complete failure, and we still don’t have a conclusive answer. In fact, in case you are going through salutary neglect apush – it is also guaranteed that you we need some extra resources for that. Hope this essay was of some help.


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