Perfect English grammar: The indispensable guide to excellent writing and speaking

perfect English grammar rules

Whether you are a beginner writer that needs to create a lot of articles or a student that is required to make a pile of academic papers, you have to know all grammar rules to write without mistakes. Needless to say, we all can make mistakes in writing. But where to find all the needed rules to improve your skills? In this article, we are going to give you advice about books with grammar rules and grammar drills for improving yourself.

It’s impossible to imagine the world of writing without grammar. You need to learn a lot of special rules to create a proper piece of writing. We recommend reading a book “Perfect English Grammar” by G. Barrett. In this incredible book, the author helps you to learn all grammar rules, starting from the beginner level and ending with a professional level. If you are a student or a writer, we recommend buying this useful book to have it on your table constantly. There is no need to read the entire book, but you can use it as a handbook when you need help in grammar. This book is well-organized, so it’s so easy to find anything you need. Whether you are confused with conjunctions, or cannot remember the table of irregular verbs, it’s simple to search and read any information without wasting a lot of time. In his book, Barrett provides readers with general rules of writing a paper:

  • You shouldn’t write for yourself but think about the audience during the process.
  • Avoid learning new words with a thesaurus.
  • You need to choose an appropriate style for your writing.

This book is acceptable for all levels of learners because it includes English grammar rules to develop your skills in writing, no matter where you start. If you have not got a good education in grammar during studying in the school, this guide will be very helpful. If you are a professional writer that needs to refresh their knowledge about some complex grammar rules, you will find all the needed information here.

Apart from grammar rules, Barrett gives to his readers the basic concept of composition. You can read a lot of detailed information about essay structure, main parts of a paragraph, and writing transitions between paragraphs. The author also pays a lot of attention to sentence structure rules and explains how to make a successful speech and choose a right style for it.

Where I can find effective English grammar exercises with answers?

There is no theory without practice! Remember that reading books about grammar is quite useful, but without exercising it’s not effective at all. For example, when you learn to drive, you read manuals about all parts of the automobile and how to drive it correctly, but you will never learn how to do it until you finally sit in the car and drive! The same with grammar – you should learn rules and combine this with practice constantly.

We suggest fulfilling exercises regularly. When you are exercising your body, you go to the gym every day and work there. The same work should be done with your brain. You will be able to remember the certain rule only after you have a lot of practical tasks. This explains why students at the college are required to make so many essays, courseworks, and other academic papers. It’s possible to develop skills in writing only if to work constantly on it.

Here are some tips where you can find good grammar exercises to improve your skills:

  • Try to search grammar books, and you will find a pile of grammar exercises to fulfill. Don’t buy them all, we suggest purchasing the one book for the beginning. Define what kind of rules you need to practice. If you can easily confuse a past perfect and present perfect tense, then probably you have to improve your skills in tenses? Find a book with good exercises. By the way, beginners can use textbooks for school, these are great books to learn grammar from the beginning level. Think about what you need to learn. Maybe you need more practice with to be grammar exercises, or you want to understand the difference between a noun and an adjective? Go ahead and keep practice on it!
  • The Internet is a great source for learning grammar. You can find there a lot of useful information, including exercises and even special online grammar courses to improve your skills. For example, you can search on Google “perfect English grammar conditionals” or “irregular verbs grammar exercises”, and get a lot of useful websites with detailed information and exercises with answers. We suggest using only reliable sources and well-known websites!
  • If you are working on the writing assignment, don’t forget to edit it when it is finished. During the writing process, you may distract on the content, and it’s easy to make errors or misprints. Feel free to use online software for grammar checking. This will help you to make your work perfect, plus correcting your own mistakes is also a good practice!

How to write an assignment without knowing grammar?

Grammar rules can be very tricky, so it’s not easy to learn and remember some of them. It’s great when you have got a lot of time for learning, but what if you are required to make an urgent task for college, and you don’t have enough time or your skills in writing are very poor? Don’t worry, you still have a chance to get a high grade! Order your paper online and get a successful work from a reliable writing service. Professional writers are ready to help students with making their homework, including essays, research reports, reviews, and many other papers. Trust experts and get a high grade without wasting a lot of money and time!

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