Organic Solidarity

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What is organic solidarity? It’s actually a specific concept that talks about how do societies develop. Just think about how complicated and amazing is this topic. Starting as early as hundreds of thousands of years ago, people formed their first societies that later would become these massive structures that we know today. This is exactly the reason why the theory of solidarity is such an interesting thing to discuss and study.

It was introduced by Emilie Durheim. Actually, two types of solidarity were introduced – mechanical and an organic one. To make a social solidarity definition, at first, let’s define mechanical solidarity.

When society show signs of mechanical solidarity, what it means is that its cohesion comes from the homogeneity of different individuals. People are all connected because of their similar education, beliefs, ways of live, work, etc. It’s easy to see that it is true only for societies that are not that big on a scale. For example, a school contains a mechanical society where each member correlate to one another because of the fact that they are all studying together. Now you are ready for a mechanical solidarity quizlet at!

But as the time moved one, societies grew bigger and bigger. Especially since the Industrial Revolution happened. So how did people start to interact with one another? Everyone couldn’t possibly share the same values and other things with everyone else. This where organic solidarity comes into play. An organic solidarity example, is when a society functions because everyone depends on everyone else. People prefer completely different jobs and have totally different background, but because the normal functioning of one person is impossible without the other one, it all works together.

What is the difference between organic and mechanical solidarity? Norms in a mechanical one are repressive, while in an organic one they are restituted. Mechanical societies are usually much more intense than their counterpart. Research also shows that mechanical societies tend to be much more religious, while the organic one are increasingly secular. Basically, we can say that mechanical solidarity societies are usually way more specific and determined to one thing, while the organic one are much more abstract and have lower intensity. Which one is better? There is no clear answer to that question, but judging by pure observation we can say that organic societies usually tend to be much more developed than mechanical ones.

There is an interesting article at that we strongly recommend to check out. It talks about the subject of organic society conservatism. Overall, this is mechanical and organic solidarity right here. Our society is truly marvelous and we need to study its processes even more to understand how to make it even better.


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