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“The Great Gatsby” is just a great novel. No wonder it became basically a classic of modern literature. People read it in schools, study it at universities and often compare other books to it. There are lots of things that make this story particularly great, from the plot to the linguistic aspect. However, there is a certain thing that we would love to talk about now, and that is character development. As a matter of fact, “The Great Gatsby” is simply filled with interesting and exciting characters. One of them is Myrtle Wilson.

A lot of people cannot remember from the get go who Myrtle Wilson actually is. Her presence in the novel is quite short, but the impact that she has over the story is huge. She is the married women who has an affair with Tom Buchanan, which ultimately leads to her demise. She simply wants to try what it’s like to lead a wealthy life and she tries to pretend like she belongs. Her husband, Nick Carraway, is against all these pretensions – he thinks it’s simply vulgar. But she hopes that her affair will finally help her get into the world of the very rich. But we don’t even need to make a deep Tom Buchanan character analysis to understand that he had never had any intentions of actually helping her get what she wants. He was just simply having fun.

Amongst all of “The Great Gatsby” characters Myrtle might be the most tragic one. Or she comes second right after her husband. She was just a simple woman with humble roots, who perceived the dream of living a good life. Her head was filled with dreams and hopes and she never realized that she was basically a play toy.

Of course, there is not much talking about Myrtle, as most people decided to talk about Jay Gatsby or even simply make a Jay Gatsby physical description, but the fact is that Myrtle is an extremely sad characters that is very important when it comes to displaying what dreams filled the heads of people back in the 20s. Dreams of becoming rich no matter what. Obsession with wealth and absolute zero tolerance of humble poverty. It was truly an interesting yet very weird time.

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