My Virtual Child

my virtual child essay sample

Most people realize how much of a complicated task is raising children. However, for those who don’t there is a special resource called my virtual child. What does it have to offer? This an educational resource that can quite vividly introduce how decisions of parent can affect their children. This interactive simulation helps understanding that every decision of parent will find reflection in their kid.

First, let’s make a short overview. At the virtual child Pearson website at, a student will find an interactive simulation platform where they can raise kids from birth up until the age of eighteen. They can see how they action and decision affect their kid’s behavior and attitude in real time. When a child reaches a certain age, “parents” are always given some feedback on what accomplishments have their kid made and what has he or she achieved. There are also random events that can alter the picture, just like in real life certain things simply can’t be predicted.

my virtual child

My virtual child game offers quite a lot of different features. It visualizes the progress of a child so that everyone can see how things have changed. It offers some information in the end about how things could have gone differently, what did a student do right and where has he or she has gone completely wrong.

My virtual baby is an extremely useful tool for modern teenagers. With its help, more and more people will know what actually they are doing when they have a child which can play a significant role in making our society into a more developed one. If every person had to go through this my virtual child assignment, it would only be a positive factor for everyone.

My virtual life Pearson website is another game that is quite interesting. It’s basically a two in one – the first one is about raising a child, the second one where a person has to make decision that will affect his or her own life. Basically, this is a simulation that can help people with developing their responsibility and understanding how important it is to make certain decision. This is not an easy game either, as it will have a student dealing with complicates issues and the problems will never have a clear way out. Try this one out to see for yourself.

my virtual child

In the end, my virtual life game as well a child one are both great for teaching responsibility. My virtual life answers are always not obvious, and this is a part of what makes this experience truly unique. In life, very rarely is there a good and bad, so these training exercises can largely improve person’s decision –making.


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