My First Day in Marriage

My first day in marriage

The first after getting married is something that you never forget: it’s romantic, full of peace, and relaxation, it’s intimate and reviving. Finally, all marriage preparations were over, and I could spend some time for myself, and for my husband, of course. For the past few months, we were totally concentrated on how to make our wedding day unforgettable. We met hundreds of people to settle down all the arrangements. Restaurant, orchestra, decoration – it took so many efforts that we just wanted everything to get over. And it ended up just like we wanted: we got married!

My first day in marriage started easily in the morning, about 6 am although I slept only for several hours. The day before, I felt tired and thought that nothing would wake me up. However, I got out from the bed easily, trying not to wake up my husband. He was still sleeping and I didn’t want to ruin his sleep. I went to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee but not to get a portion of reviving caffeine, but just to spend some time alone. I was happy that I’m married now, but something told me that I wouldn’t have much time for myself for the next months or even years. Now we are more than just a couple, we are family. I took a cup of coffee and tried to revive in my memory the previous night.

Our first day marriage bed time was just like other couples had: we were tired, but not too much to skip the most expected part of our first family night. I wanted to remember all the details and carry them through my whole life. In fact, our first night was the first memory of our marriage, and it makes it so special.

If someone would ask me how to behave with husband in first night, I would tell that there’s nothing to be afraid of. I thought that something should be changed in my behavior, by I was mistaken. There’s nothing to change if a person who loves you proposes you and takes you as a wife.

However, there are some marriage first day night tips that I want to share. Don’t be afraid to tell that you love your partner as many times as you wish. Say the words of gratitude, kiss and hug your husband, and don’t be shy. From now on, you are family, and you will share everything together, starting from the happiest moments of your life and some problems that will appear from time to time as they are inevitable.

When coffee was over, I returned to my husband. He was still asleep. I hugged him, trying not to wake up, but he still opened his eyes. The first thing he said was ‘I love you’. That was what I expected to hear. He kissed me.

We decided to spend our first morning after wedding night by having breakfast in bed and creating plans for our vacation. We had no time to discuss that when we were preparing for the wedding day, so that was a perfect time to dream about our tour to Bali. After a couple of hours, we thought that it would be nice to go for a walk and show our family to people. Of course, none of the passersby would know that we just got married, but for us, it was like a ritual: the first walk as a family together.

We visited our most loved places and went to our favorite restaurant to have a lunch. 1st day after marriage passed quickly. I even did not notice that the day was almost over. It seemed to me that several years had passed since our wedding day although it happened only yesterday. We felt so blessed with everything that happened today: with a perfect morning, with our walk, with everything that would happen soon.

I think that this first day of being a family was the same exciting as the wedding day itself. My husband says that it was even better as we could spend it alone and dedicate it to ourselves. Of course, our friends and relatives called us to congratulate us on marriage, but it was different. We could turn off our phones and enjoy ourselves.

Marriage is perhaps the best decision I’ve made in my whole life. And the first day of it was perfect, just like all other days that are still ahead.


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