Methanol Molar Mass

methanol molar mass essay

Nearly every student anywhere in the world had to study some chemistry during their academic years. For some it was quite an interesting journey, some didn’t really like it that much. However, we can all agree that it’s a complicated subject with many hidden layers. One of the first thing that we all learned might be how to calculate a molar mass. And that’s what we will be talking about now. More specifically – a methanol molar mass.


What is a molar mass? It is actually a mass of a single example of any substance. So in order to calculate it we need to take the weight of a substance and divide it by the amount of a substance. In case of methanol, we need to first take a look at methanol formula – CH3OH. Here, we can go in an even easier way and simply add up the weight of every single molecule. First one I carbon and it weighs 12 grams. Then goes three molecules of hydrogen, so we multiply 1 by 3 and get 3. Oxygen has a mass of 16. The last part is oxygen again – as we already mentioned it’s weight is 1. Put it all together and we get 32g – this is exactly the methanol molar mass.

While we are still talking about methanol, let’s take a look at the rest of its properties. Let’s start off with methanol melting point. “Melting point” is a temperature, under which the substance changes its form from solid to liquid. Some people wonder: “Isn’t methanol always liquid or gas?” In fact, it isn’t. In temperatures lower than -97,6 C methanol is completely solid. Methanol density is quite high at 792 kg per cubic meter, methanol solubility is miscible.

Methanol Formula

We use methanol quite a lot in our everyday life. It is widely used in chemical industry with people using it mainly to create other, more complex chemicals. Methanol uses don’t stop there, we all from time to time use it as a fuel, yet it’s not the most efficient one. It’s actually funny that Monster Trucks almost always run purely on methanol, just like drug racing cars.

When talking about methanol hazards, we need to always remember about its toxicity. Always avoid breathing air with large quantities of methanol in it, as the consequences might be severe. Short-term consequences might mean that a person will get a headache or a blurred vision, but constant exposure might lead to sever health issues, such as blindness or cancer. Methanol is also explosive, so never expose it to extreme heat.

This is a short summary of methanol. To find out more interesting information on the topic, try visiting as it always has the best summary of any chemical compound known to mankind. Be sure to visit it!

Moral mass methanol


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