Law of Constant Composition

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This law is also known as the “Law of definite proportion” and is one of the most basic laws in the entire science of chemistry. It’s very hard to overrate it as some people describe it as the foundation of our modern chemistry. Today, we are going to try and see for ourselves, what does the law of constant composition actually have to say and why so many scientists agree that it’s so highly important.

In the beginning of this work, we will try to find an answer to a very simple question – who discovered the law of constant composition? We usually credit the discovery to a French scientist named Joseph Proust. In the beginning of 19th century, he has conducted multiple experiments to see whether or not chemicals consist from a certain specific composition. It’s very important to remember, that people didn’t yet understand what an atom is, so this was quite a revolutionary work. The law says, that no matter the compound – it will always contain its elements in a ration that is fixed. It doesn’t matter how the chemical has been created or what do a researched do with it – the ration always remain fixed. A good law of constant composition example can be found nearly everywhere in the entire world.

law of constant composition

So the law of constant composition applies to what? It applies to almost any sort of a chemical in the world. However, in recent years we have come across a number of chemical compounds that in fact can be labeled as exceptions from this rule. They are called non-stoichiometric compounds, and the ratio of elements in them can in fact vary.

Time to talk about the law of constant composition formula. This is the time, where we can’t really say that the law has an actual formula. What it does say, that if we take the ratio of elements of compounds in a chemical, then take a look at another example of this chemical we will see that the ratio is completely the same.

Another interesting topic is the law of multiple proportions. It stated, that when we combine two elements and they create more than one compound, the ratios of the masses of the elements number two combined with the fixed mass of element number one will be the ratios of the smaller numbers. Sounds… not so easy to understand, doesn’t it? Well, our friends at can certainly help with that, as they are masters of complex things.

law of constant composition

This are the laws of constant composition and the law of multiple proportions. They are so perfect that one can do nothing other than admit – nature is truly amazing.


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