Kip Kinkel

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There is nothing more terrifying and horrible than a school-shooting. And unfortunately, those do happen from time to time. An awful example of a school-shooting can be Thurston High School shooting, which was executed by a student name Kip Kinkel. It’s our duty to investigate these cases in as much detail as possible, as this might be the only wat to make sure that nothing as horrible as this will ever take place again.

It all happened on May 21, 1998 in a peaceful town of Springfield, Oregon. A young boy named Kip was just suspended from school for possessing a fully loaded stolen handgun. Nobody yet realized what was about to come. He got a handgun from one of his friends who stole it from his father. The father notices the missing handgun, and after an investigation it was found in Kip’s locker.

William Kinkel, Kip’s father, told him that he has to change his behavior or he will be sent away to a military school. After that, Kip simply went to his room, pick up another gun, came back down and shot his father in the head in cold-blood. He waited for his mother, who arrived in the evening, and then shot her too. Kip Kinkel letters were found at his house later by the police, where he says, that he had done so simply because it would make his parents feel shame that their son is a murderer. He also states that voices in his head tell him to kill.

After the murdering of his parents, Kip drove to his high school in the morning. He took an assault rifle and went straight into the campus. He fired as many as 50 shots and had killed two people, wounding 37 others. While he was reloading his gun, students managed to restrain him until the police arrived.

When he was examined by a phycologist, it became apparent that Kip suffers from schizophrenia. However, it didn’t get him out of being imprisoned. He was sentenced to 111 years in prison without any possibility of parole. Even though he appealed numerously trying to reduce his sentence, he has found no luck so fat as he is still locked behind the bars. A Thurston high school shooting Kip Kinkel is a good example of why it is important to keep mental health in check.

He also had an older sister named Kristin. Up until this day she says that she cannot believe what has happened, as there were no signs of upcoming violence. Even though she has suffered a major trauma, she has got her life back on track. Kristin Kinkel married a good man and is currently living a happy life.

In order to avoid any more shooting such as these, we need to seriously learn from our experiences. We should always notice when a teenager has mental problems and we need to do something about it as soon as possible. Our task in hand is to avoid future Kip Kinkels at any cost.


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