Is Dress Code Necessary in High Schools?

Is dress code necessary in high schools

Every reform especially in such institutions as high school causes usually a huge resonance. In the last decades, a lot of schools made efforts to enhance pupil achievement in education using different methods including by adoption a dress code but there always raised the question is dress code a good thing in high schools? This question causes a lot of discussion for many reasons.

The main reason why implementation a dress code stumbles on the resistance from the side of pupils is related to a great extent to child psychology. The thing is that at this point of life they are very vulnerable. The pupil at high school is a young person that is in the stage between childhood and adulthood that may feel extremely dissatisfied if someone is trying to limit their freedom and put some additional pressure on them. Each of the pupils at high school is trying to find his way in life, choose a carrier, find out who they are like a person, what is their place in society, uncover their hidden talents, etc. They don’t like to be told what to do and what to wear, even at school.

Despite the fact that pupils don’t usually like to follow the dress code at school, school dress code statistics for 2016-2017 school year showed that during this period up to 20 percent of children in USA were obligated to wear uniform and 60 percent of schools have introduced strict dress codes.

The Advantages of Dress Code

Adoption of dress code in high schools has both advantages and disadvantages and children often feel confused about why they should wear a uniform or restrict the number of clothes to a few items that meet someone’s requirements. The main benefits of dress code are the following.

The difference strict dress code can make at high schools consists in promoting order which is one of its main purposes. With implementation a dress code policy in schools, a number of crime including fights and sexual offenses usually decreases by at least a half. Statistics show that this simple step made by school administration is able to significantly promote good behavior among pupils and students and even instill some good habits.

Other arguments for dress codes in schools concern their future. The dress code can help pupils get accustomed to the way how they should look at the workplace if it is going to be an office.

Dress code is mainly aimed at focusing children’s attention on the studying process instead of choosing what to put on in order to stand out among peers.

The Disadvantages of the Dress Code

A major argument against implementation cress code is that it discourages children’s freedom of expression. This right is, by the way, is declared in the Constitution and it should be preserved within the schoolhouse gate as well. In this case, no reason for why dress codes are good matters because it is considered as an authoritarian rule that can be canceled if children or their parents are would require this.

Some facts about dress codes in schools show why this implementation is not popular among pupils and their parents. It is the cost of the uniform. To make their child meet school requirements in terms of the appearance parents have to buy the uniform no matter is it affordable or not. Most of the schools don’t have a variety of clothing options to offer parents to give them a possibility to choose cheaper clothing though some school really care about parents’ wallet. Also, parents are usually forced to buy two separate sets of outfit which is of course, more convenient on the one hand but it costs twice more. The uniform provided to pupils is not always made of best fabrics, even can be cut not qualitatively if made for every particular pupil. When speaking about does uniform help to reveal pupil’s style, it has to be admitted that most uniforms are designed without considering any fashion tendencies. Adoption of dress code is not helpful for children if they want to reveal their style and express their personality through clothing.

The only one essential reason why is dress code important in school is that pupils are deprived of the opportunity to judge each other by the appearance which makes them equal and able to study better.


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