Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

It is considered that writing an essay on a topic which appears interesting to a writer is a cornerstone of the paper’s success. Why so? First of all, you are driven by your passions when writing about something that interests you. You do not have to cook up anything. There is no need to force yourself into writing about something that seems boring or far-fetched. As they say, you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Even if you are a good writer, your essay is doomed to failure if you hate the topic that you have been given. On the other hand, when you write about something that genuinely interests you, you are likely to evoke interest in your readers. And that is the secod important factor why a persuasive essay topic should be exciting. In this article I will attemp to provdide some good topics for a persuasive essay so that you do not have to rack your brains over a topic for your paper.

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

You might ask, what is a good topic for a persuasive essay? First of all, it is the one that can evoke opposing point of views on the same matter. This will enable you to take a certain stance and defend your point of view. Another important factor to consider is the ability to conduct a research and find literature that will help you find adamant facts to underpin your outlook on the matter. The topic should not be trite, either. A creative topic will stir the interest of a reader before he actually reads your opening statement.

Topic ideas for persuasive essay could be various. Here we offer 30 topics in 6 different subcategories.

International relations

  1. It has been almost 30 years since the Iron Wall has fallen but the information war persists.
  2. Brexit. Beginning of the collapse of the European Union?
  3. Welcoming refugees to Europe. Sign of tolerance or a threat to the European values?
  4. Do highly developed countries fight the poverty across the globe?
  5. Can one country decide on another’s country internal affairs?

Technology and innovation

  1. Cybercrime – a threatening danger that knows no boundaries.
  2. Stem cell therapy – unapproved treatment – to be allowed in Texas.
  3. Is life without a smartphone boring?
  4. Is the human kind too dependent on technology?
  5. Does technology battle social isolation or promote it?


  1. The flip side of the overly obsession with a healthy diet.
  2. Mass-produced food. Solution in the frenetic world or a curse for the humanity?
  3. Are eco products worth paying for?
  4. The tolls one has to pay for model-like body.
  5. Cutting on your sleep for the sake of better productivity.


  1. The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. Should parents allow teens attend parties before they turn 18?
  2. Hitchhiking. An exciting adventure or a dangerous experience?
  3. The phenomenon of downshifting: sign of lack of determination or a chance to find oneself?
  4. Young children should not be allowed creating social media profiles.
  5. How hiring foreign workers affects local labor market.


  1. What if education was available to everyone?
  2. Lifelong learning in the American society.
  3. Can sportsmen be smart?
  4. Are MOOCs effective?
  5. Does everyone have equal chances in life?


  1. Are true geniuses destined for oblivion during their life?
  2. Can modern architecture claim to be artistic?
  3. Which modern music heritage will we pass on to future generations?
  4. Are music therapy treatments effective?
  5. Does decay art have a right to be called art?

Best Persuasive Essay Topics

As we have mentioned earlier, good topics for a persuasive essay are the ones that are interesting to you and that you have something to tell about. If your writing is emotional and logical, it will appeal to the readers. If you think of it thoroughly, or browse the Internet, you will find a good persuasive essay topic easily. The next steps involve doing some research, brainstorming the ideas and putting them on paper.

However, there are people for whom finding persuasive research essay topics is not an effective solution. Apart from coming up with a good topic you need to have good writing and research skills, analytical thinking and convincing tone. While all of the above can be practiced and improved over time, you cannot achieve those qualities overnight – in time to submit your paper. Moreover, your semester grade can depend largely on your persuasive essay assignment. And you do not want to flunk your class only because writing is your weak point. Do not worry. There is always some place for improvement, as long as you have time for it.

In the meantime why not use services of a professional writing company? You choose a writer you like, pay them for writing services, and they will write an essay of any complexity on some of the good persuasive essay topics. Needless to say, the structure and the format of their paper will be logical and clear. You do not have to worry about any sorts of mistakes. And you are likely to receive a strong “A” on your written assignment. Spare yourself a lot of time and effort connected with search of a topic, in-depth research, writing and proof reading. You do not have to pay much for the writing services. Do some benchmarking before hiring a certain company, read reviews of happy users of that company’s services and entrust your assignment to real professionals.

We wish your persuasive topic to be exciting and your essay convincing so that readers get absorbed in it the moment they see a title!

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