Interesting Informative Speech Topics: 80 Bright Ideas

informative speech topics

The main goal of the informative speech is to inform your readers about a certain subject, so you should put all information clearly and logical, so people would be able to understand you well. Before writing your work, you should do these things:

1) Think about your audience, who are these people and what information they would like to listen with an interest? Remember that there are a lot of great topics for informative speech, but different groups of people like different things to listen about.

2) Brainstorm your ideas about writing and pick up a topic of your future paper. Just think what you want to write about.

3) A chosen subject shouldn’t be too narrow as well as too broad. That’s why you should formulate the idea of your work, so each and every sentence of it should be written according with the idea.

It’s not always easy to select a bright subject for your paper, that’s why we offer to read a list of good informative speech topics that will help you to make a successful and interesting work.


  1. How modern technologies change the education process.
  2. Why math and physics are important for education.
  3. How does the online education work?
  4. Why higher education is so much important.
  5. How a high school student can get a great job?
  6. How to keep a balance between studying and work?
  7. Which qualities the best student should have.
  8. Where students should look for an inspiration for studying?
  9. Benefits of using computers in education.
  10. The benefits of education.

Family and relationships

  1. Children who were adopted, should have a chance to meet their biological parents.
  2. The importance of good relationships in the family.
  3. How divorce of parents affects children.
  4. How it is possible to make distance relationships work.
  5. How to choose good relationships.
  6. Ten secrets of successful and happy relationships with your partner.
  7. How parents can be best friends to their children.
  8. How to make new friends in high school.
  9. Benefits of having a brother or sister.
  10. A modern family compared to a family of 19th century.

Health and medicine

  1. Why people have insomnia.
  2. Why women of age after 35 have the highest risk of having a baby with a Down syndrome.
  3. Tips to prevent AIDS.
  4. Why getting minerals and vitamins is important for human health.
  5. The best diet to lose weight.
  6. Our brain should have a good rest at night.
  7. What causes asthma and how to overcome attacks?
  8. Why people have a headache.
  9. How alcohol and cigarettes affect human health.
  10. How our memory works and how to make it better?

Modern technologies

  1. How 3D printer works.
  2. How skyscrapers are built.
  3. Programming languages: history and development.
  4. Why cellphones are negative for our health.
  5. How robots help people nowadays.
  6. How a biometric system works?
  7. How to remove computer viruses?
  8. How social media affect our lives?
  9. Human brain and the artificial intelligence.
  10. Technology of future: what would they bring to us?

“How to” topics

  1. How to develop writing skills?
  2. How to dance.
  3. How to cook a pizza at home?
  4. How to play chess.
  5. How to buy good sunglasses.
  6. How to choose a place for traveling?
  7. How to decorate your house to Easter?
  8. How to prepare to the difficult exam.
  9. How to make a lot of good friends being an introvert?
  10. How to find a lot of brilliant informative speech topics for college on Internet?


  1. How the electric car works?
  2. How to buy a good vehicle?
  3. How to order automobile parts online?
  4. Ten reasons not to buy a used car.
  5. How to choose right tires for your vehicle.
  6. How to make your older car look cool?
  7. Using a cell phone behind the wheel.
  8. Tips how to change spark plugs.
  9. How to drive without accidents.
  10. Alternative to gas cars.


  1. How to get a job of your dream?
  2. How to pass the interview successfully?
  3. How to be the best suitable candidate on the position.
  4. How to write a good resume?
  5. How to communicate with your colleagues.
  6. Relationships at work: advantages and disadvantages.
  7. How to solve conflicts at work with your boss?
  8. How to ask your boss about getting a higher position in company?
  9. Why colleagues at work don’t like those people who work hard?
  10. A balance between great career and private life.

Animals and pets

  1. How to choose a pet?
  2. Why dolphins are so smart.
  3. How adopting a pet affect people life.
  4. How to learn horseback riding.
  5. Tropical fishes in your aquarium.
  6. How modern zoos can be improved to make animals feel better.
  7. Why penguins can’t fly.
  8. Why cats and dogs are not very friendly to live in the one house.
  9. Could snakes, frogs and lizards be good pets.
  10. How to teach your dog new tricks?

Choosing informative speech topics for college students and getting help in writing

We hope after reading our informative speech topics you chose an interesting subject for your future work. But what to do if you feel stuck with your writing? Don’t panic, because there is a simple solution of this problem – just find a good writing service and order your speech online. Nowadays, you can find a lot of such companies on Internet; they offer help in writing of any type of work at a reasonable price. You can trust qualified specialists that will help you to select the most interesting subject for your audience, and create a successful and bright work that will definitely impress people.

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