Humanity Definition

humanity definition essay

The world around us is a beautiful thing to watch. Over the course of our history, we have built our impressive civilization from scratch, and now we have a lot to show for it. But it’s very important that in the midst of our technological progress we don’t forget what makes us truly special. We need not to forget the humanity definition. After all, what is humanity?

People have no consensus when it comes to what it truly is to be human. As many there are people – as many there are opinions. But when it comes to humanity, most people agree that it means to be a humane person. It describes a person that is sympathetic, that treats people the way that he or she wants to be treated. It is a person who is always compassionate and is constantly ready to help out a friend or even a stranger. If we were to use humanity in a sentence, it would be something like this: “Humanity is what makes us special”.

If we think about it more carefully, we will understand that the moment we forget about our humanity is exactly the moment when all positive attributes of our civilization will stop being important even in the slightest. Just thinks about the world without people being generous and kind to each. Sounds like quite a dreadful place. So we need to preserve and cherish every little act of humanity just so that it doesn’t go extinct.

Humanity antonym is not a single world. However, words that almost perfectly resemble it are: cruelty, indifference and harshness. Honestly speaking, people who can be describes using these three almost certainly have no idea what humanity is about.

Humanistic ideas are frankly new to our society. They took off merely two hundred years ago with the help of the people who were tired of living in a cruel and unforgiving world. They formed societies and write books with the goal of spreading their ideas to others all around the globe. As the time moved on, more and more people saw humanistic ideas as those that should always be followed. This is why today world is full of compassion and sympathy. Hopefully, this trend will continue on living so that more and more people will realize that a humanistic society is the best way to live.

Of course, if we look at the humanity meaning in English in a dictionary, we will find some other definitions as well. For certain people, humanity is humankind. And how do we define humankind? It’s basically a human race. Every person that is now living on this planet is a part of humankind. Sometimes, but not always, humanity and humankind mean basically the same thing.

So these are the definition of humanity. If we all would have live with it, the world would become a much better place to be in.


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