How Words Affect our Brain

Words are used to transfer the information from one person to another. There are different ways to interpret one and the same word and some people are sure they can change the influence of words on their brain. Is it really possible or it’s just another myth? If we put a human into an MRI scanner and say some specific words, we will see a real reaction of the brain. It will clearly show how words affect our brain.

The influence of negative words

An MRI scanner can show you a video of how the neural changes happen inside the human head when we say a positive or negative word. If a person hears a negative word like “NO” for one time only, the brain will produce hormones that release stress. The work of specific brain sections that respond to reasoning, language, logic, and communication is interrupted. It’s the effect of a single word that was pronounced only once.

A person can read negative words for a while and it will lead to the same effect. If this person feels upset, the impact of negative words will be crucial for memory and the control over emotions. It may lead to problems with appetite, receiving satisfaction and feeling happy, and sleeping. If this person will hear the word no with a strict intonation, the effect will be stronger. There;s no big difference if a word is pronounced by a person that is standing nearby or from a TV. The effect is the same.

If people decide to spend time with people who express only negative words, they will feel more prejudice towards others. Thinking negative words is also a problem for the brain. If people are worried about their future, they will make the brain produce destructive neurochemicals. This is dangerous for children and their brain is affected more than the brain of adults. If parents teach their children to think positively, the whole life will change for better. The real power of negative words is undervalued.

The influence of positive words

People can change their lives for better if they change their thoughts from negative to positive. If worries are changed into some positive, sick people will feel relieved. If a doctor makes patients think positively, they obtain much more self-control and self-confidence. However, it’s hard to make the brain respond to positive thoughts the same way as to negative ones. There’s no need to survive if we think positively, so our brain’s reaction is weak.

We can reach the impact of positive words only if we generate a nonstop flow of positive thoughts and ideas. Three positive thoughts have the same power as one negative thought. So people should do their best to think positively often. Expressing a bigger number of negative thoughts in comparison with positive ones will affect relationships at work and in personal spheres. The power of a word is too strong to neglect it.

If people want to succeed in life and get real joy from work and relationships with people, they should create five and more positive thoughts for every negative one. Five thoughts for one head nod. Five thoughts for one negative word. People shouldn’t worry about the sense and the rational meaning of the positive thoughts as doesn’t really matter. A positive attitude to the word depends on the words that appear in mind.

Positive words vs negative words

All people face hard times in their lives and the right choice of words can help them overcome any obstacles. It’s not necessary to hear these words from someone else. It’s enough to pronounce them in mind. People should make themselves think positively even if it seems senseless. This will help the brain evoke motivation to take actions. A person can fight against the problems with the power of a word.

The impact of words on others is also great. People can influence destinies of their kids by choosing the right words. If children hear only negative words, they’re likely not to have a happy life when they grow up. It will be difficult to change the habit to think negatively. Parents can show their love through words every day and it will make children program their future in a positive manner.

It may seem fantastic how words can change your brain. The results of the research show that one negative word can lead to many negative effects that will influence not only the mood of the person but also the relationships with the world. Positive words can change the situation, but their number should be at least five times bigger than the number of negative words. People can make their lives colorful and full of joy and happiness by only positive words. There’s no need to say them aloud, they just need to appear in mind.


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