How to Write Gun Control Essay

How to Write Gun Control Essay

Gun Control Writing Guide

The latest dangerous tendency to arrange the ‘hunting’ on innocent, peaceful citizens is growing day by day. That is the reason why gun control argumentative essay writing is so popular among the school or college tasks. This problem concerns everybody directly because every of us can become a target point for a shooter. Taking into consideration the debates about whether to control or not the gun purchases and license registration, you must take a stand in favor or against it. The gun control essay is the best way to show your point of view that is related to this issue. It remains only to get to work. Luckily, you have got to the right place! The Do My Essays website provides you with some notable tips and strategies to fulfill the task.

Argumentative Gun Control Essay

First, let’s have a look at argumentative paper writing and what it is. This type of work is a written article, the aim of which is to give distinct and relevant argumentation to the issue concerned. Moreover, you need to describe your position according to the question and prove why your idea is the best. If you stuck on a paper’s structure, it is not different from any other common essays’ schemes. However, you need to pay more attention to the ‘shooting iron expansion’ problem. Connect your theme with ordinary argumentative works. To write a coherent and consistent text, you need to compose a gun control essay outline that will contain the following points:

  • Introduction
  • Body (divide it into developing and rebuttal of given arguments)
  • Conclusion

Every piece of writing needs a hook at the beginning of the work to grab readers’ attention from the first sight. Your hook shouldn’t be similar to your thesis statement; nevertheless, it may contain the basic information that is crucial for attracting a viewer. As well as an eye-catching opening sentence, background data has to be described in the introductory part. After all, each of our suggestions is abstract without certain settings and groundings; thus, explanatory statements happen to be. Here comes your thesis statement! Put your main idea at the end of the introduction paragraph. Gun control essay topics may have different thesis statements according to your position. For example, if you are writing a pro-gun control essay, you may state your idea as follows:

    1. Free access for firing arm acquisition leads to various shooting cases in the peaceful areas.
    2. If the weapon gets to the wrong person, life hazard will appear automatically.

The best way to find a proper fact and, as a result, to think up a forcible thesis is to look through numerous plea rolls. If you are composing an against gun control essay, you may use subsequent statements’ samples:

    1. Ordinary people want to be safe and sound in this criminal world; that’s why the firing arm legalization will bring them a defense tool.
    2. Weapon control contradicts the citizens’ right to keep and carry the firing arm as a means of defense.

Each of these two positions, which were mentioned above, has several arguments for the topic, but it is up to you to decide which one to choose. Take your time, think a little, and get to develop a thesis for your gun control essay introduction.

Then goes the body paragraph. We advise you to divide it into two parts. The first part will develop your argument on the question. Here you should give several claims and support them with evidence and argumentation. Be successive and adhere to the definite structure. For instance, give each claim in a block with evidence. The second part will refute opposing views. To give stronger ground to the upcoming conclusion paragraph, include at least two opposing opinions in your paper. State controversial points first, and then give your refutations. As soon as you have disproved the opposing opinion, start to compose your gun control essay conclusion template.

For the last paragraph, you need to restate the thesis one more time and explain why this topic is crucial for the society. Share your vision of the world with authorized weapons or without them. Put imaginary scenarios that are developed according to the presented facts. It will illustrate the influence and size of the problem, as well as future effects.

Taking a Stand

To take the right position in the weapon legalization essay is the crucial moment for your whole work. The Do My Essays service will help you to find your point of view by reasoning two existing approaches.

The stand that accepts irons’ inspection may have following reasons:

  • Percentage of suicides is higher in states and countries that allow to carry and keep firing arms.
  • It will become easier to kill people by dozens in a short time.
  • It is a common mistake to think that the gun’s presence will save you from a burglary or assault, as you are more likely to be injured or killed by your family member or friend by chance.

Another opinion on free weapon use includes the following points:

  • Firing arms do not kill people but evil, inadequate, and violent individuals do this.
  • Using guns for self-defense is a valid reason to have a weapon, as well as legal hunting, collecting, and shooting galleries issues.
  • If criminals are armed and dangerous, innocent citizens should have a chance to defend themselves.

As soon as you found your position, think about a catchy title that grabs the reader’s attention to the issue of your paper. The name of the article should be shouting its content and reflecting your opinion and topic at the same time. You may take newspaper subheadings and website titles as examples.

  • Guns have to be prohibited
  • To control weapon trade or not
  • Chance to stay alive

These are only several heading samples that you may take into consideration. Do My Essays will provide you with composing services of article writing if you have stuck on this task, and all the previous pieces of advice didn’t help you!

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