How to Write a Thesis Statement: Tips and Ideas

Writing any academic paper is a challenge: not only for one’s knowledge but also for patience, analytical, research, time-management and creative skills. It doesn’t matter what you are told to write – narrative essay, analysis paper, book review or whatever, you will have to involve on all your resources: such work requires much time and concentration, and what is even more important – real passion. “Seriously?”, – you’ll ask. Passion for the battle of Culloden, Marshall-Hicks laws of derived demand, the role of hyperbole in Ancient Greek mythology? Yes, definitely.

There is almost no chance to write a worthy paper without diving into the topic and sincere interest in it. By the way, there is no need to be fond of it within the whole life: it’s enough to convince yourself that this particular topic has really engaging, not trivial, thrilling sides. Actually, it is true. You are able to expose exciting sides of every subject you intend to explore. The only condition is to have plenty of time and energy.

But it’s a lyrical digression, which, however, softly moves us to the core subject of discussion: writing a thesis statement.

Thesis statement definition and examples

Thesis statement is a compulsory part of any students’ paper, regardless its type: analysis, expository, argumentative or any other. To explain it in the clearest of available ways, consider it as a brief expression of the main idea of your essay. Overall, it is true. But if it was so simple, no one would type in Google requests like “what is a thesis statement”.

It usually consists of a sentence or two. They should be complicated enough so that the reader could catch the topic and your position on it. Pay attention: not only your subject but the angle you are going to look at it from. Here are wrong theses:

  • “The consequences of the World War II are still impacting the economics of European countries.”
  • “The understanding of “crowd psychology” is very important for organizers of the mass events. ”

In order to make these theses more personal and, they can be edited like this:

  • “World War II had heavily impacted the economics of the European countries, and some of them coped to turn it into the advantage while other suffered much and degraded compared with their neighbors.
  • “The understanding of “crowd psychology” can help the organizers of the mass events to take into account possible risks and to avoid them, to make space safer for people, but sometimes they use it for getting their own benefits.”

But the thesis is only a hook, whose aim is to grab attention. Further in the paper it should be proved by the strong arguments, examples, results of research or your own thinking process if it can be allowed by the type of the paper.

Prompts for creating a thesis statement

Are you already in the loop, what is thesis statement? Let’s then find out how to write a good thesis statement. Here are several general rules to have some reference points.

  • Make it as accurate and individual as possible. Try to let the readers see that this certain piece of writing is the product of your personal research work, experience, logic, and thoughts.
  • Notwithstanding what was told above concerning personal approach to the thesis, don’t use such phrases as “I will tell…”, “In my opinion…” etc. – it’s not a good fit for the academic writing. Your thesis has to be honed and include only the thoughts, crucial for understanding your paper.
  • Avoid verbosity. Most students wonder, how long is a thesis statement? Usually one or two sentences, full of sense and precise wording.
  • The perfect place for thesis statement is the first or the second paragraph of the introduction. The whole introductory section usually includes a couple of paragraphs, describing what the essay narrates about, and the thesis is like a conclusion of it, replying the questions like: “What is your subject? Which side of it are you going to cover? What do you personally think of it?”
  • Do not use categorical judgments, and do not estimate anything (with rare exceptions), like “An American Tragedy” is the most significant literary work for understanding the psychology of people who are entangled in their own moral attitudes”. Your thesis should not be vague, but it is not a good idea to impose your point of view, a fortiori you are surely not the best expert in the topic. It would be more pertinently to write “An American Tragedy” illustrates the actions of characters that don’t have precise moral attitudes, that is why it can be helpful for understanding such people’s psychology and way of thinking.”

How to act if you are not skilled enough

How to make a thesis statement if you don’t have enough time, knowledge, skills and inspiration? Sometimes it is intricate to define thesis statement in the essay because a student uses not a proper form for it – for instance, a question – or makes it too short/too long, or places it is not an appropriate spot of the introduction. There are a plethora issues with it, so some students need assistance, and use websites to get some kind of guide or to request a consultation. A scrupulous student will easily find thesis statement examples for research papers, or any other type of papers, but this can be not enough. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate to appeal to professional services that offer competent consultations and can assist with creating the thesis statement for any type of academic writing.

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