How to Start a Philosophy Essay

Start a Philosophy Essay

Writing an essay is always hard and complex work. Even though such text is just an expression of thoughts, it should have a specific structure and include some basic information. Talking about a philosophy essay, things are even harder for this one, as you need to connect your thoughts with thoughts of philosophers. So, let’s learn how to write a philosophy essay easily!

Making Up a Title

First things first, you need a title. It is true for any kind of essay or text, but many students find it difficult to make one. Of course, if you have a specific topic, for example, the value of philosophy essay, there is no such problem for you. Yet, if your task is somewhat more freestyle, finding a proper title is 30% of the work.

In order to come up with a nice title, you should consider a few things:

  • What is the topic of your essay?
  • What thoughts do you have about it?
  • How can you connect these two things?

For example, your teacher told you to write an essay about Sigmund Freud’s works. You have some thoughts about his “The Interpretation of Dreams” book. Therefore, you need to connect them with the topic. A possible variant would be the title: “Sigmund Freud’s influence on the modern psychology of sleep”. For some students, creating a title is easier after the paper is written. If you can’t think of any good title at the beginning of your work, you’re probably one of them. Leave this until later, that’s quite okay.

What Is Philosophy Essay Structure

Now, you should think about the structure of your future essay. In general, it is very simple:

  • introduction, where you describe the topic and say why it is important;
  • main part, where you explain your thoughts on the topic;
  • conclusion, where you sum up your thoughts and say whether the issue is solved.

Such a structure is suitable for any essay. However, a philosophy paper outline is a bit more complex, as you need to state some philosophers’ quotations and explain how your own thoughts match with them.

If you have your own ideas that do not match with any others, you should explain them in detail. In addition, you should prove that these ideas could exist in the context of philosophy. This is a very hard task. However, if you deal with it, you might get a breakthrough in the end.

How to Make Your Thoughts Look Scientifically Friendly

Writing on persuasive or argumentative philosophy essay topics is very hard, even for professors. Philosophy is a science of thinking and expressing your thoughts, but you should make them look and sound smart if you want someone to be interested. An essay that fits scientific standards is the one that will get an ‘A’ surely.

Here are some basic tips on how to write a philosophy paper for dummies:

    Use quotations. If your thoughts are backed with well-known ones, it is easier for the reader to agree with them.

    Make it simple. You do have to use some scientific terms and stuff. However, there is no need in making it too tedious. The easier it is to read your philosophical essay, the more chances you have that your professor will read it completely. And if he or she does, you can expect a high mark.

    not hesitate. It is important to make an essay as “human” as you can. The best way to achieve such a result is to express your true thoughts, even if they are somewhat unsophisticated.

    Strengthen your writing skills. Build grammatical sentences, use some epithets and metaphors – make your essay look professional. This way, even philosophically wrong thoughts will seem smart.

What Should You Check After Writing

The philosophical essay definition is not very strict. Nevertheless, there are some obligatory things you should remember.

Firstly, it is important to have proper introduction and conclusion. Check whether they match with each other, or whether the question you have asked at the beginning is answered at the end.

Secondly, carefully reread what you have written to make sure the topic is fully covered. For example, if you have to write a philosophy of life essay, there should be exact thoughts about what it is for you and how you understand it.

Thirdly, check quotations. You have used them to back up your thoughts, and now make sure that they fit the context. Improperly used quotes are considered mistakes.

Leave the finished essay for a day. Then, read it again, considering someone else’s work. Make sure it is easy to read, interesting, and scientific. It is rather hard to combine these three, but if you did, you will have an ‘A’ for sure.

As you see, there are certain rules as for philosophy essay format, structure, contents, and language. But it does not look hard to write a good paper following all of them. However, when some students start thinking about it in details, they may find out that the task is impracticable for them due to different reasons. If you do have such difficulties, ask us to assist you. We can write an entire essay on a specific topic for you. If you have some thoughts of your own, we can help you convert them into a properly written format. Don’t postpone your decision to order. Fill out an order form, give us all details, and just wait for a brilliant essay to be delivered exactly on time!

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