How to Start a Persuasive Essay?

How to Start a Persuasive Essay

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Aims and Purposes of a Persuasive Essay

The main function of a persuasive paper is to convince somebody of something. In other words, you need to give your point of view to make a person believe that this is the only existing truth. It is usually based on an idea or opinion that sticks to you. It is vital to have a firm position on a paper’s issue to find more arguments convincing an opponent in your thoughts’ credibility. No matter how trivial a topic is, you must defend and prove it in your piece of work by all means. Whether you write about the global warming or efficient activity management, tips and structure will remain the same for each of articles. Beginning off a persuasive essay, keep in mind our pieces of advice that are given in the following paragraphs.

How to Start off a Persuasive Essay?

  1. Find a topic that will fit your requirements. The best way to do this is to brainstorm different ideas coming up into your mind. After this, write them down on a piece of a paper and analyze each of them thoroughly. Is this topic catchy for you? Has that one any evidence to build a defensive ‘tower’ to your proposal? Maybe, the third one is the most appealing subject to your audience? Select your theme by asking and answering these questions. Thus, you will certainly get a profound and substantial topic.
  2. N.B. You can always ask your peers and friends to deliver some thoughts to you. Doing this, you can kill two birds with one stone: find a topic and learn your audience’s preferences.

  3. Right after you have decided what to put in your paperwork, you must define your position according to a chosen theme. Take your time and study pros and cons. As soon as you take a stand, make sure you don’t play on both sides. There is no space for hesitation. In other circumstances, change your topic.
  4. N.B. It will be easy to find your position if you compare several topics at a time to single out the most winning subject.

  5. You don’t need to go into unnecessary detail in order not to let your readers lose their train of thought. Be precise and brief while giving your arguments. State facts and evidence to them successively.
  6. Search for as many facts as you can. Thus, you will be able to face opposing views armed at all points and to support your claims. Choose only trustworthy sources to avoid delusions and to have a firm ground.
  7. N.B. To make up your thesis on the basis of some evidence is an efficient method of how to get to the topic properly. If it is hard for you to state your position correctly, let arguments show you the way.

  8. Avoid using wishy-washy phrases and words, as they make your paper under-confident and sketchy. To illustrate it, we give you two examples, the first is good, the second is bad, so that you see the difference.
    • The only way to save the whale’s population is an increase of taxation on the biological and chemical waste emission.
    • Perhaps, the ship traffic change may help to make it easier for whales to migrate; thus, their population will rise a lot.
  9. When finishing the task, show your article to a friend or teacher to review the written information and give you feedback. Hence, you will know the paper’s strong and weak sides and will be able to correct them on time.
  10. Be ready to defend your position. Numerous opponents can catch you flatfooted by lots of controversial statements and facts. They can have even more profound arguments than the ones you have presented, but this should not scare you. Not every winner is the right person, but he or she has been convincing enough to outplay other participants. The secret is that they were ready for attacks – ‘forewarned is forearmed’. Thus, it is strongly recommended to learn each of opposite views and find a proper ‘weapon’ for them.

There are many kinds of techniques and schemes to structure your thoughts in a convincing way. Choose the most suitable for you or make up your own. However, we advise you to use tested methods as follows:

  • Repeat every idea several times in order to make readers understand your point of view fully.
  • Use a quotation to assure a person that many other people share your position. Social approval will make an individual take your side.
  • Give detrimental aspects first to show how your stand may cope with them in your supporting writing.

Using these tips, you can always write the most assuring essay ever and no one will defeat your argumentation.

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