How to Master the Art of Writing an Essay on Finance

Writing an Essay on Finance

Your first financial essay is a crucial step in your academic life. At times, it can make or break your reputation in the eyes of a professor or even the entire teaching staff. It’s also an opportune moment to show your prowess in finance managing skills.

Such a task may seem like a curse to someone with no prior experience in the matter. Unlike other types of essays, you can’t get away with showering the teacher with your opinions. Finance essays rely on facts and data. Thus, it’s more important than ever to find reliable sources of information.

One of the most common tasks that MBA students receive for their first assignment is to write a Why I study finance essay. On its own, putting together such a paper isn’t that hard. In this scenario, you can still get away with personal opinions and subjective thoughts. What we’re talking about in this article is the sole act of writing a financial essay.

First things first, you have to motivate yourself. Strive to create a spark of interest in finance essay writing in your brain. If you don’t care about the subject, no one will. On the other hand, if you’ll have the right mindset, you’ll see that sketching the first draft isn’t that complicated. The hard part comes afterward when you have to turn that hot mess of an essay into a masterpiece.

The process of finance essay writing consists of several crucial stages:

  • Choosing a relevant subject and a thesis statement that has a connection to modern-day finance.
  • Grouping your thoughts on the topic and creating an outline for the essay.
  • Gathering relevant information from trustworthy sources.
  • Thinking about the subject, reading on-case materials, and writing down key thoughts.
  • Sketching up the first draft of your paper.
  • Editing and proofreading your work.
  • Putting the final touches on your essay.

Even if you ace all of the things listed above, without a proper structure, your efforts may be wasted. For an essay on finance topics may vary a lot depending on your own interest and your professor’s requirements. However, whatever the topic, your paper should have an introduction with a thesis statement that proceeds into a main body ending with a conclusion. Forget one of those parts – and your work is incomplete.

The introduction should evoke interest in the reader, show some of your knowledge of financial theories, and end with the thesis statement. It’s also useful to list the methods that were used during the writing process. The main body consists of all the collected facts and data, spiced up with your own opinions and arguments. The conclusion provides a summarization of all the information contained in the essay.

Now that we’ve talked about the structure of a finance essay, let’s talk about its format. Usually, you will be given clear guidelines on how to format your piece. However, if that isn’t the case, we advise you to adopt the correct MLA or Harvard formatting rules. This way you’ll surely add a tidy, professional look to your paper.

Friendly reminder: When quoting a source, always remember to mark it appropriately, even if you paraphrase it or completely rewrite the quote. The last thing you want is to be accused of plagiarism.

Top Tips on How to Throw Together a Corporate Finance Essay

If you’d like even more advice, take a look at this short list that will help you increase the quality of your piece:

  • don’t use the first link you may find on the Web since you can’t be sure of the information provided there;
  • rely on highly regarded articles, textbooks, and financial journals;
  • show a deep understanding of your thesis statement;
  • don’t scatter your thoughts all over the place and strive to have a logical, coherent text;
  • make sure you can back up any statements you make with facts;
  • do your best to uphold a neutral tone of your essay;
  • keep the essay short – you’re not writing a novel;
  • if during the course of writing your piece, you’ve realized that your thesis was slightly modified, just change the statement in the introduction.

Writing an accounting and finance essay is a complicated thing to do. And the hardest part comes when you need to edit it. But don’t panic, we’ve prepared a quick guide on how to proofread your essay:

  • first of all, ask yourself these questions: “Is the essay entirely coherent?”, “Are the arguments persuasive enough?”, “Did I provide enough data?”, “Is my thesis statement clear enough?”;
  • read the essay through the point of view of a professor;
  • check for grammatical errors in spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc.;
  • don’t be lazy and rewrite a part of your essay if it doesn’t look right;
  • if you have a sufficient amount of concrete data, it’s highly advised to prepare appropriate charts and graphs. In our ever-increasing world of images, visual aids are more significant than ever.

Evaluating the Quality of Your Essay

The most common scenario, in which you’ll need to write a financial essay, is when you’re trying to get a Master of Business Administration degree. In this case, this assignment is even more important. Naturally, you want to make sure that your piece is as good as possible, but how can you be sure? When trying to estimate the quality of an MBA essay finance, check these aspects:

  • quality of your sources;
  • persuasiveness of your arguments;
  • relevancy of your statements to the problem raised in the essay;
  • structure and formatting.

Honestly speaking, writing an essay on such a topic as finance is a marginally harder task than on many other areas of study. If you’ll examine each piece of advice in isolation, it looks pretty simple. But put it all together, and it can be overwhelming. At one point, you have to admit that you’re stuck and need finance essay help from someone with a lot of experience in this field.

There’s too much data to factor in and too many unreliable sources lying around the Web. A lot of people just don’t have the time and patience to complete this task on their own. There’s no shame in asking for help. And luckily for you, our passion for finance essay writing can aid you in this task. If you feel that this assignment is too daunting, order a finance paper from us!

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