How Many Pages Should an Essay Be?

Starting from school, the essay is a compulsory written assignment. In the process of studying, students regularly write essays both admission and college or university courses. The essay as a definite way to reveal personal qualities and knowledge is applied at all stages of education. Depending on the purpose and scope of knowledge, there are criteria for writing essays, including how long should a college essay be.

In most cases, a number of words in the essay is directly indicated in the assignment. Thus, you can roughly distribute the volume of words to each of the constituent parts of the essay. Another way to limit the college essay length is the number of pages. You should take into account hard limit of words and a permission to exceed your essay. It is considered permissible if you write over or under by 10% of the total requirement. If it’s possible, ask an authoritative person (teacher, instructor, professor, etc.) how long is an essay supposed to be.

The length of the essay is also determined how long is an essay question. Personal statement essay usually contains 500- 650 words. The admission process requires such kind of essays to choose the most suitable candidate. Remember the purpose of the essay, because nobody will actually count the number of words if you slightly exceed quantity. It`s evaluated more to reveal your statement in a strong, persuasive and coherent essay.

There are short answer responses and essay tests. Such an assignment assumes a small essay as an answer to a specific question posed. The number of words is about 250-350 words, including all the inalienable parts of the essay. An hour- test essay assumes that you should write an essay nearly two written pages and 5 paragraphs.

Essay structure and volume of each part

It is a well-known fact that the structure of an essay consists of 3 parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The key to a successful essay is the balance between all parts. Of course, the introduction and conclusion are the shortest parts. Their size should correspond to each other. The body of the essay is the largest part and can consist of several paragraphs depending on the required overall quantity.

There are no strict recommendations how many paragraphs should an essay be. Essential qualities of writing a good essay are unity and coherence. These qualities characterize the relationship between paragraphs as strong and clear. The ideas and points in the essay should be connected and consecutive.

Each paragraph represents your idea or point of view. Try to reveal one main idea per paragraph. Open your paragraph with a topic sentence and use the rest space to explore it. It`s obvious that the length of paragraphs can be different. Do not pursue the goal of writing equal in size paragraphs that would make the essay balanced. The main thing is that you can open the idea and bring the statement to the logical end.

To the question of how long is an essay paragraph can be two options:

  • Short paragraphs for better perception
  • Longer paragraphs for thoughtfulness and depth

In the first case, write 2-3 sentences, which is approximately 100 – 200 words. Sometimes one-line paragraph is used to highlight a special thought and draw the attention of the reader. Short paragraphs are more easily perceived by the reader and clearly and distinctly state the main idea. In the second case, long paragraphs are often used in scholarship. Thus, it is possible to deepen and specialize the problem issue.

How Long Is the Average College Paper?

College essay is a common written task to control and evaluate student`s skills and knowledge. During educational process, students undergo a section of knowledge several times a year, so the requirements for writing essays may differ.

How long are essays in college you should write depend on few criteria:

  • discipline field
  • class level
  • importance level
  • professor`s limit of words

Requirements for the length of the essay on humanitarian disciplines usually indicate a slightly larger number in comparison with the exact sciences. Certainly, technical papers and reports should also be written. Due to the objective features of the course or the availability of laboratory works, written assignments may be different in the number of pages.

The second feature is that the higher the class level, the more complex the task, and therefore the longer the essay. The importance of tasks influences how many pages should a college essay be. Essays and papers, written on the mid-way through the term, occupy 1-2 pages and approximately 1500-2000 words. As for end-up module tasks you should write 3000 words or 3-4 pages. When you get to the final course paper, be ready to create essay of 10-20 pages.

Note that the decisive factor, determining how long is an essay in college, will play recommendations of your professor. Take any feedback or advice on writing essay that will set the boundaries. Consider that longer doesn`t mean better. It is very important to observe the balance between the parts of the paper, to maintain clarity and accessibility of the presentation. It is better to stick to the golden mean and not to chop the text with superfluous words or synonyms from the thesaurus.

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