How Computers Affect People?

How computers affect people essay

It’s hard to imagine a modern world without computers. Every person faces the question how computers affect people and whether we can live without them or not. An average adult starts a working day by a computer and goes to bed after playing games or chatting in social networks in the evening. Wherever we go, we will see a computer that is like another member of the staff in libraries, restaurants and so on.

A computer is a family member. There’s hardly a home where there’s no at least a laptop for surfing the net. Even TVs are turned into computers with the new technology that lets people not only watch films but also use applications and play games. One of the ways on how computers changed our lives is communication between family members. Now it’s much easier to send a message to a sister than go to her room and have a talk.

Other places where computers are used every day for good purposes are schools and colleges. Students spend hours sitting in front of their screens and learn to do something new. Of course, some parents are concerned about the fact of staying a long time in one position. This is the only drawback of using computers in education nowadays. If students are physically active outside the college, they won’t have any problems with it.

A student can find any piece of information within a few seconds. Anyone can look for the information on how computer has changed our lives essay samples. It takes a few seconds. Students could spend a few days to find the same amount of information some ten or twenty years ago. Computers save time and they also make us more competent in many spheres of life. Anyone can become an expert in anything if there’s a computer.

How the computer has changed the lives of students

Students don’t communicate one with another for a few days or even weeks. They love surfing different websites to perceive enormous amounts of information within a short period of time. No one can guarantee that it will have only a positive impact in a long term perspective. Students are not active physically as they prefer to watch a film rather than jogging or swimming. Low physical activity is the evil of today’s world.

Students write well how computers affect our lives essay texts where they describe how it’s great to reach any person from overseas within a short period of time. It’s a great tool to learn a new language by chatting with people from abroad. It’s a great chance to travel around the globe. It’s a great chance to get in touch with the world and even find work even for students that don’t have any experience.

One student used a computer that changed the life of every student forever. It was the time of creation of Facebook. It was a project within a campus that became so popular that now it has milliards of users around the globe. What do I need to connect this network? That’s right, you need to have a computer. This device connected millions of students then and now it serves a connection node in a global network.

How computers changed the world essays

Students have to do a lot of writing tasks during their college life and they use their computers to make this process go faster. There are only a few students that write essays with a pencil on paper. Most of them type all the text and print it on paper. And while some students are typing, others use audio recording software for dictating the text of the essay that is turned into the text by a special software.

This essay is also created with the help of the computer and it can be viewed only via a computer screen. The evolution of these devices has made them look smaller and smaller. A modern student can take a portable computer to any place and stay online all the time. There are tabs, smartphones, and laptops that are used instead of paper books for reading fiction books and learning new things.

The world is changing every day. It’s impressive how computers have changed the world. Computers won’t disappear from the life of students as they play a major role in helping students to do homework and find all necessary information. Computers will probably turn into invisible or tiny devices that will be located on the human body to receive and transfer data only with the power of the mind. It’s not a plot of a fantastic film as the future is already here. Students are the ones who will cope with the transformation of the computers we all are used to into something unique.


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