How Can We Save Birds?

How We Can Save Birds essay

All the humans should always take care of our nature. Unfortunately, the human factor is the main and most dangerous reason why so many species are under the threat of extinction. Some of them are even gone forever. Therefore, we should preserve all those species that still exist. For example, we should learn about how we can save birds.

Unfortunately, many kinds of birds are threatened to disappear. The humanity must do whatever is possible to rescue them. This save the birds essay is targeted at the possible solutions that will help to preserve birds from the disappearance from the surface of our planet.

Possible Ways to Rescue Birds

We ought to give a special heed to the creatures that surround us. Each time a single kind of flora or fauna disappears there take place negative consequences that affect nature and us. Therefore, you should always ask yourself how can you save birds because everything begins with YOU.

Here are some pretty practical methods that will teach you how to save birds from extinction.

  • Make your yard a bird oasis. You can create the bird paradise right in your yard. To do that, you should make allowances for the five basic conditions. Provide birds with clean water, plants with flowers that have nectar and insects, plants that bear fruits, materials required for the nesting, layers of the plants that can provide them with cover and thermal protection. Probably, some of these essentials are not that easy to get. Nevertheless, it’s not really difficult to provide birds with these things. The main key is to keep native plants.
  • Become a good scientist. How can we protect migratory birds? A wise and educated scientist always knows the answer to such sort of questions. Even if you are not a professional ornithologist, you may find the needed information about those birds that live in your region. Find whatever is possible about their habits, preferences, and needs and try to support them with those necessities. It is likewise important to figure out which kinds of birds leave your region for the winter period and when they come back. Take care of those that remain. Learn all the migration and climate peculiarities. They are essential as well.
  • Create bird communities. There is a tremendous variety of different communities that are devoted to definite goals. So, why not to create a special bird community? Share your passion with other people. Find the like-minded persons who are not careless and also wish to protect birds. The more followers and helpers you have the better it would be. Great crowds of people may change a lot. For instance, you may acquire some help from the government creating a petition signed by hundreds and even thousands of people.
  • Get rid of pesticides. Unfortunately, there are great amounts of pesticides that negatively affect birds, as well as animals and plants and lead to their death. You should forgo them to secure the health of birds.
  • Do shopping for the birds. At times, birds cannot find food and begin starving. You may help them buying special products, such as grassland-bird-friendly hamburgers, different crops and something of the kind. In such way, you will support them with food during the most critical periods. How to save birds in summer or winter? You already know one of the essential answers.
  • Refuse plastics. The statistic shows that many seabirds, along with turtles and marine mammals mistakenly eat plastic products, which are oftentimes thrown into seas and oceans. Therefore, try to refuse using plastics or at least make sure that such products are recycled and will not threaten the environment.
  • Protect birds from pets. You should keep an eye on the cats who like eating innocent birds. If you or your neighbors have pets that prefer birds as a dish, try to curb them. Keeping cats and dogs at home saves millions of birds throughout the world each year.
  • Put the lights out. Yearly, hundreds of birds die because they get blinded by the night lights or the reflection in windows. Use curtains or window decals to resolve this serious issue. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same.
  • Educate other people. Finally, you may teach other people about the ways humans may protect birds from extinction. Under such condition, you will have more bird-friendly companions, which will give them better chances to survive.

Each person on the Earth should know how to protect birds and animals and really take the necessary measures to secure this matter. In such way, our nature and all living things will have much greater chances to survive. Respect our Mother-Nature and never turn your back on it. Otherwise, it may turn its back on you one day and the consequences might be terrible. Find the necessary balance and live in a constant harmony with our nature.


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