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Is there a single person, who has ever read a book but yet has never heard of Shakespeare? Probably not. He is probably the world’s most renowned and beloved dramaturges and this is for a good reason. His plays are simply incredible. Among all the great plays that he has written, one stands out the most. We are talking of course about the Hamlet. There are so many different topic and subjects brought to our attention in this play that it’s very complicated not to miss anything. But we will try to go at it and describe all of the main Hamlet themes.

We shall begin with the theme of death in Hamlet. This is considered to be the primary theme of the entire play. It is all over the whole thing, with multiple main characters dying along the way. It even starts off after the death of the king. The Hamlet himself mediates over the topic of mortality not one but multiple times. The most famous monologue from the play, and quite possible the most famous monologue in the entire world, deals with the subject of death and suicide. A subject of mortality in Hamlet doesn’t really try to see death as something different from the ordinary is just that it shows how death is always near us.

Theme of madness in Hamlet is also quite strong. The most interesting part about it in the play is that Hamlet is nor said to be mad nor is he said to be completely healthy. It is for a reader to decide whether or not he thinks Hamlet is mentally okay or not. What makes it even more interesting, is that Hamlet himself is not sure if he is mad or not.

Another major theme in Hamlet is how different things appear to be from what they actually are. What is fake and what is real. To read more about Hamlet themes appearance vs reality go to

Last but not least is how Hamlet themes revenge. The revenge is all over the place – and it is exactly what leads to many, many deaths in this tragedy. However, most people argue that revenge is actually not amongst the most important subjects of this play. Sure, Hamlet sets on a mission to avenge his father, but in the same time he is less and less interested in it as time moves on. He becomes more interested in his inner conflict rather than trying to destroy his enemies. Hamlets motifs for his actions sure do change throughout the play.

So, this is Hamlet themes right here. This play changed the literature forever and is something that everyone should at least try to read. It deals with so many subject in such an unorthodox way that it can very possible change your perception of certain issues.


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