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Finally, it happened! Congratulations, now you are a college freshman that is heading to totally new and unexplored life. It’s time for you to meet new people, manage with new assignments, learn new disciplines, and do many else new things. We know you may feel worried and stressed about it. That’s why we made this detailed college freshman survival guide.

You will find in this article both serious and funny tips that may be very useful during your first year in the college. Don’t be nervous and be yourself! And we assure you will remember this year for the entire life. Just keep reading our advice to become a successful and popular person from the first day at the college.

Top 5 tips for incoming college freshmen

Of course, we could give you a million hints about college life because this subject really has no limits. But we are making an article, not a “How to survive college” book, so we are going to be concise and concrete. Here are the best tips for college freshmen that will help you to become happy and successful, no matter what’s going on around you!

  1. Make new friends. Of course, it would be hard to be a great friend for everyone, but over time, you will make a couple (or even more) real friends. We suggest talking to everyone in the college in the very first week. Don’t try to hide from people sitting in your room. Go out, have fun, visit parties, make homework together. Your first task is to make as much as possible connections with different people, and finally, you will make some good friends. This sounds like a real challenge for shy people! And yes, you have to accept this challenge and move forward. We know you may feel scared, but much later, you will remember this moment with a smile on your face.
  2. Choose classes you are interested in. Your main task in the college is to learn, that’s why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get a great education. Remember that it’s your own responsibility. That’s why we suggest scheduling your every day to make goals, so it will be easier for you to plan everything. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should sit in the room and learn for days without going out and making fun! But you have to find a wise balance between serious things and fun.
  3. Eat healthy food and sleep well. When we are talking about college tips for freshmen, it’s hard to miss healthy life. We know how much all students adore to eat junk food. Of course, going out with friends for some pizza on weekend is a great idea, but you should try to eat healthy food every day. Remember that your own health depends only on you. Eat your breakfast every morning before classes, this will help you to get energy for the first half of your day. Lack of sleep is a real problem for all students. They are always busy with partying or homework in the night instead of getting an important rest. You have to sleep at least 6-7 hours in the night to feel refreshed and ready to the next morning!
  4. Keep yourself in a good shape. Being a college student doesn’t mean just to visit classes, study in your room, and partying with friends. You can do many other interesting things, for example, go to the gym to exercise or visit dance classes. Each and every college offers a lot of fitness programs for students, so you can choose anything you want. Exercising will keep you in a good shape, plus it’s a great distraction after a long day in the classroom.

3 Funny advice for incoming college freshmen

So, after several serious hints, we are going to provide you with some funny college tips to make you laugh and distract from stress and anxiety! Keep reading, this is the funniest part of our guide.

  1. Don’t get mad at your teachers even if you have got a low grade – in general, all people have their raises and falls. Stay away from posting any angry tweets on social media sites even if you are extra mad after drinking some beer! Your teachers will eventually see these posts.
  2. Sometimes when you have a dilemma about making boring homework and hanging out with friends, it worth to choose the second thing. Of course, not always, but just sometimes. You will get a low grade and you forget it in a couple of days; and if you will go to a party with friends, you may get great memories you will cherish for long years.
  3. Don’t be scared if you still can’t define your major. We assure you that each and every student faces the same problem. And you will have enough time to figure it out, this is just your first year!

More college tips for success in studying

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We hope that our guide will help you to survive your first year in the college. Our last advice: be yourself and never give up!

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