Good Argumentative Essay Topics: How to Choose

argumentative essay topics

If you are requested to write an argumentative essay, it’s important to choose a debatable topic that will be interesting to your readers. In this article you will find 70 topics for an argumentative essay, so feel free to use any subject from the list or create your own topic based on our ideas. All topics are separated into categories so you can easily find a field you are interested in. Keep in your memory that if you want to select a good topic, then:

  1. Try to select a topic everyone is talking about.
  2. Make a question or statement that don’t have an answer the audience is agreed on.
  3. Pick a subject that is interesting to you.

70 argumentative essay topics for college

Here is a list of argumentative essay topics you can use for writing your paper. We separated them on several groups, so you can easily choose the one that is interesting to you:

Internet and social media sites

  1. Is it normal to have good online friends but no relationship with people in reality?
  2. How to buy things online?
  3. From what age kids should be on social sites?
  4. Skype or Whatsapp – which social media tool is more popular?
  5. How to monitor what your child is doing online?
  6. How to make your own online business
  7. What’s the safest method to make online payments?
  8. How to define if the person is addicted to the social sites?
  9. How the Internet improves our lives?
  10. Is it safe to have a Facebook account?

Family and kids

  1. What is the best age for motherhood?
  2. Should parents punish their children?
  3. How a single mom should raise a child?
  4. Is it normal for a dad to be a babysitter?
  5. How to raise up a talented child?
  6. Is it good to be the only kid in the family?
  7. Is it great to grow up in a big family?
  8. Why brothers and sisters make fights?
  9. What is the best age gap for two children in a family?
  10. Is it normal to let your child do anything without punishment?


  1. Which diet is the best to lose weight?
  2. Is it safe for your health to wear high heels every day?
  3. Is a gluten-free diet is good for the health?
  4. Why are so many young people become anorexic?
  5. Are all fat people care about their weight?
  6. A low carbohydrate or a gluten free diet?
  7. Should a diet be combined with intensive exercising?
  8. Which sports are helpful to make the health better?
  9. Is it good to not eat any sugar at all?
  10. Morbid obesity and health.

Health and medicine

  1. Should a pregnant woman go to the gym?
  2. Why so many people are sick on cancer?
  3. Why doctors prescribe so much medication?
  4. Is abortion is OK for the woman’s health?
  5. A traditional or alternative medicine: what to choose?
  6. Euthanasia should be legalized over the world.
  7. Is cosmetic surgery really so important for people?
  8. What a school should do to make student’s health better?
  9. How to prevent AIDS?
  10. How our hospitals should be improved to make patients feel more comfortable?

Modern technologies

  1. Android or Iphone – what to choose?
  2. How modern technologies influence on education?
  3. Should children learn only typing on computers, but not writing by the hand?
  4. How the 3-D printers can be used in medicine?
  5. Are social media help to improve people life?
  6. Why are kids understands modern technologies so quickly?
  7. What is the next step in modern technology?
  8. Are computers and cell phones harmful for health?
  9. How modern gadgets influence on children?
  10. Should schools use 3-D printers for studying?

Dating and relationship

  1. Should a young couple live together before official marriage?
  2. On which date is it normal for a couple to have sex?
  3. What age gap is the best for a happy couple?
  4. The civil and unofficial marriage – what’s the difference?
  5. Is it proper to have a partner but talk to others on dating sites?
  6. What’s the best way to find an ideal partner?
  7. Why men and women become inattentive to each other after years of marriage?
  8. How a couple can save their love and feelings for a long time?
  9. Is cheating on the partner is so serious?
  10. Why online relationships are doomed?

Movies and music

  1. Classic music never dies.
  2. Good music is the best treatment from depression.
  3. Why most of the women prefer romantic movies?
  4. Why scary movies are so much popular?
  5. Do movies with a violent influence on our lives?
  6. Why Harry Potter movie is so much popular?
  7. Do you prefer a movie or a book?
  8. Is modern music has a future?
  9. People use earphones too much.
  10. Electronic or classic music?

We do hope these argumentative essay topics were helpful for your writing. Of course, we know that for some people creating an essay may be very difficult. If you feel that your skills are not good enough to make a successful paper, or you just have not enough time to write a bright work, get professional help from a reliable writing service and get a brilliant work written by qualified authors! Nowadays, it’s simple to order an essay online, so find a good deal to save your time, money and nerves. Many companies offer good discounts, so even students can allow this. Make your order while you are sitting on your couch at home, and get a great argumentative essay to impress your readers!

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