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When we think of the word “Evanescence” what is the first thing that pops into our head? Of course that it’s the name of the beloved rock –band. However, it does have in fact a definition that is not related to music. How can that be the case? Well, most of the people who find out about it are also quite shocked at first, but soon they do get over this fact. What is this evanescence definition? Let’s go over all of it together.

So what is the evanescence meaning? Well, it’s actually a verb, which might be a surprise to someone. And it means to gradually disappear or to slowly fade away. Vanishing would be another good evanescence synonym. So basically when something is disappearing over time we can say that it is evanescing. Never knew this before, huh?

If we were to use this evanescence in a sentence it would be something like “Once the time passes, everything is evanescing away a little by little”. Most people actually use not to simply say that something vanishes, but to add some degree of melancholy and grief towards this fact. This it’s not just simply disappearing, but it sadly and slowly goes away. Be sure to use it appropriately.

There is also a word “evanescent” that is very closely tied to the one that we have just being discussing. It means that something has a certain quality to completely vanish. So, it could be used when talking something about, for example, a smell. Evanescent define an object that basically has a tendency to disappear.

Now it’s official – you know what does the word evanescence actually mean and how to properly use it in a sentence. With this knowledge comes great responsibility! Actually, when we think about it, not really, it’s just an interesting word, that’s all.

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