Crusader Jorny the Defiled: The World of Warcraft

Crusader Jorny the Defiled

The World of Warcraft is one of the most famous computer games, which is popular among gamers of all ages and cultural backgrounds. It is online role-playing multiplayer game. It means that many users can interact in its virtual space online and choose characters they want to play (Cuddy & Nordlinger, 2010). World of Warcraft, usually referred to as simply WoW, was released in 2004 and has remained one of the most-subscribed games ever since. The world of the game is populated by hundreds of player and non-player characters (e.g., Alonsus Faol and Mordoth the Hunter). The first are controlled by gamers themselves. The latter are controlled by the system. Crusader Jorny the Defiled is one of the least famous non-player characters featured in the game. Nonetheless, he is also one of the most mysterious ones. In this essay, the author explains why Johnny the Defiled is important despite the fact that he does not take part in the action.

The World of Warcraft: Game Overview

Before looking close at the character of Crusader Jorny the Defiled, one needs to provide a brief overview of the WoW game. It is important to note that the WoW structure is extremely complex, as there are many settings and contexts in which players can interact, both with each other and with the computer. Players need to select a character they like the most. Then, they chose the realm in which this character will play. For example, a normal realm implies that a user will play versus the environment, that is, complete various quests or defeat monsters. Characters develop over the course of the game. As they complete missions, they gain new skills and talents that allow them to further explore the WoW universe.

WoW setting consists of hundreds of different locations (Calver, 2004). These include cities, towns, dungeons, etc. Players visiting these locations should complete different tasks (e.g., fight with monsters, purchase things, attack or interact with other characters, and so on). Participation in challenges is important. It not only adds action to the narration but also helps earn credit and develop one’s character. If characters fail to complete a challenge or their health reaches zero, they die, which means that the player should start all over again at some point. Some corpses of characters are still lying there. For example, the corpse of World of Warcraft Crusader the Jorny Defiled can be found in the Dalaran Crater – an area in the Hillsbrad Foothills where the city of Dalaran was once located. Now that we have learned more about the game, let us focus on this mysterious character.

Crusader Jorny the Defiled: Important Facts

Crusader Jorny the Defiled is sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Johnny the Defied.” There are many speculations as to who he is. Supposedly, he is a tribute to a character previously known as “Jorny.” It is not known exactly what happened to him. Some gamers suggest that the cause of his death is that he failed to use an Ancient teleport: Dalaran properly. Thus, this corpse is not useless. It is a warning to gamers to be careful when using the portal. Those tricked into the location usually die because the powerful force lifts them into the air, and they die when they land. Jorny lies there as a silent reminder. Those who manage to stop and think would not only realize that this character is left here for purpose but also understand that they need to be careful.

To summarize, the WoW universe is extremely complex and multi-layered. There are hundreds of different characters and locations. Every small detail in the setting and every character matters, which has been demonstrated using the example of Jorny the Defiled. This complexity is what makes this game so engaging and popular among millions of fans. You will certainly never get bored. This game helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as it induces gamers to pay attention to every detail.


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