College persuasive essay topics: 80 ideas

persuasive essay topics

If you are required to write a persuasive essay, you probably know how it’s important to select a good subject. In this work, you have to persuade readers to adopt a certain opinion or to take a certain action. The essay should be based on logic and contain strong evidence to support your argument. Remember that you should choose a topic that you are interested in, only in this case your work will be really interesting to read. We provide you with a list of 80 persuasive essay topics to make a great work that will definitely be interesting for your readers.

Food and drink

  1. Is it good not to eat sugar?
  2. Children should be taught to cook in schools.
  3. Drinking a lot of juice is not so useful.
  4. Why homemade pizza is better than in the pizzeria?
  5. The best diet to lose weight is to eat vegetables and fruits.
  6. The perfect diet for your health.
  7. Watching food competition can make you a creative cooker.
  8. Should children eat snacks in school?
  9. Why the obesity became a big problem in America?
  10. Organic food is healthy than non-organic.


  1. Children shouldn’t use the Internet without parent control.
  2. Traveling is a great time for family to spend time together.
  3. Problems of children from divorced families.
  4. Problems of family which adopted a child.
  5. When is the best age to talk with a child about sex?
  6. Lonely moms and dads: difficulties of single parenthood.
  7. Should parents punish their children for bad grades in school?
  8. How to encourage the introvert child to have more friends in school?
  9. What’s the best age to be parents?
  10. Children who doesn’t have brothers or sisters, are more egoistic people.

Relationships and sex

  1. It’s necessary for a couple to live together before marriage.
  2. It’s possible to build a good relationship being on distance.
  3. Internet relationship cause less pain than real one.
  4. Men and women understand a word “love” differently.
  5. What should a couple talk about on a first date?
  6. How to understand a man is in love with you?
  7. Relationship with a married man is doomed.
  8. Why people cheat on partner being in good relationships?
  9. It is possible to find a good partner on dating sites.
  10. Men and women have different opinions about sex without love.


  1. Should the voting age be lowered to 14?
  2. Should the fast food industry be responsible for people obesity?
  3. Should abortions on the late term be legal?
  4. Should it be illegal not to wear a seat belt?
  5. Should drugs be legalized?
  6. Gambling business should be banned.
  7. Gay marriage should be banned.
  8. The drinking age should be raised to 22.
  9. Do you believe churches have to pay taxes?
  10. If kids do something illegal, their parents should go to jail.


  1. Why living in the town is better than living in the village?
  2. Do you believe that Internet at home should be free?
  3. Too little money is bad, but too much money is even worse.
  4. Government should support homeless people with food.
  5. Each person should donate some money to charity.
  6. We need to low the retirement age.
  7. Markets shouldn’t sell alcohol to people younger 21.
  8. Lonely moms deserve more respect.
  9. Why we need 3-day weekend.
  10. Why we need more official holidays?

Illegal immigration

  1. Do you believe illegal immigrants should go to jail?
  2. Illegal immigration increases prostitution.
  3. Employees should go to jail for hiring illegal immigrants.
  4. Proper borer rules can stop illegal immigration.
  5. Rich countries have higher percent of illegal immigrants.
  6. Illegal immigration is the main reason of terrorism.
  7. People from countries with wars should be allowed to immigrate legally.
  8. Kids of illegal immigrants should be given citizenship.
  9. Illegal immigrants should be forbidden to get citizenship.
  10. All illegal immigrants, including their kids, should be sent back to their country.

Animals and pets

  1. Why it’s good for a child to have a pet?
  2. Should people be allowed to have wild pets like tigers and sharks?
  3. Wild animals shouldn’t be put in the zoo.
  4. The benefits of having a dog.
  5. Why cats are the best pets?
  6. Why dolphins should get better protection?
  7. Why animals shouldn’t be actors in circus?
  8. If a dog has bitten someone, should it be killed?
  9. How pets affect us?
  10. Pets help lonely people not to feel abandoned.


  1. Why you should buy an American car?
  2. Should the driving age be lowered to 13?
  3. Why to buy a sports car?
  4. Should using a cell phone behind the wheel be banned?
  5. How to buy automotive spare parts online?
  6. Why a diesel car is better than gasoline?
  7. Why motorsport is dangerous.
  8. Should you use a seat belt when driving in the town?
  9. Drunk drivers should go to jail even if they don’t cause any damage.
  10. Is it safe to text when driving on empty road?

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