Analysis Essay Topic List: Top 90 of Bright Ideas for Writing

analysis essay topics

A causal analysis essay should answer the question “why”, so you have to select a subject of your future work and then to provide a clear answer on the question with a good evidence support. First of all, you should investigate your audience and think what topic may be interesting for these people to read about. Of course, it’s not an easy task to pick a bright subject, that’s why we offer to read our list of the most popular and successful analysis essay topics that will be helpful to you in getting fresh and non-ordinary ideas for your writing.

  1. What causes people to fall in love?
  2. What causes gambling addiction?
  3. What is the main cause of alcohol and drug addiction?
  4. Why do some couple divorce after less than a year of marriage?
  5. Why we have dreams?
  6. Why people get cancer?
  7. What makes people scared?
  8. Why do people have so many phobias?
  9. Why some people are extroverts, and others introverts? What does define this?
  10. What causes people to lie to their family?
  11. Why some people can avoid smoking even if they want?
  12. Why babies sleep so much?
  13. Why are younger people always more optimistic and satisfied than old people?
  14. Why some families are OK, when others are extremely happy?
  15. Why people do wrong things?
  16. Why we love our pets?
  17. Why most people like junk food instead of healthy?
  18. Why do cars are so expensive?
  19. Why scientists and medics can’t invent a good cure for cancer?
  20. Why are some people extremely shy?
  21. Why birds fly?
  22. Why do teens argue with parents always?
  23. What causes climate change?
  24. Why we have so many homeless people?
  25. Why some people are extremely rich when others are very poor?
  26. Why do some medicine cost so much?
  27. Why TV ads causes bad influence on children?
  28. What is the person you dislike or like most?
  29. What can cause the most serious problems to your life?
  30. What causes obesity?
  31. Why so many people want to lose weight but it’s so hard to do for them?
  32. Why some people are addicted to video-games so much?
  33. What can make a date more special?
  34. What causes men cheat on their wives?
  35. How did nanotechnology change our life?
  36. How popular music affects people life?
  37. Why young people start smoking even knowing it can cause cancer?
  38. Why having a pet can make a person happier?
  39. Why do people hiccup?
  40. Why do some people have color dreams when others have only black and white, and some have no dreams in their life?
  41. Why some bacteria are useful for people?
  42. What causes wind and tides?
  43. Why do people travel?
  44. What were causes of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine?
  45. Why do people keep wild animals in zoos?
  46. Why does Africa have a lot of people sick on AIDS?
  47. What caused Americans vote for Donald Trump?
  48. Why is Twitter so popular?
  49. Why do young people spend so many time in social networks?
  50. Why do people talk on phone instead of meeting?
  51. Why is it important to learn math?
  52. Why Africa was colonized?
  53. Why medical care is so expensive?
  54. What causes terrorism and how to avoid it?
  55. Why do people use animals for tests in researches?
  56. Why do some people prefer cats to dogs?
  57. Why do students drink too much on parties?
  58. Why do some parents punish their children too often?
  59. Why do young people have problems with oil skin?
  60. Why do most of the teen marriages are doomed?
  61. Why do children can be so much active?
  62. What causes people to hate others?
  63. Why do some people the to live alone?
  64. Why is it so hard for a divorced woman with a baby to find a good partner?
  65. Why do some men drink so much beer?
  66. What cause men like to watch soccer games on TV?
  67. Why do the most women prefer romantic movies?
  68. What causes people to date?
  69. Why do people like ice-cream?
  70. Why do some families have so many scandals?
  71. Why do some people have so many psychological problems?
  72. What causes people to visit psychics?
  73. Why do people want to know their future?
  74. Why do some people believe in fate?
  75. Why do some people are so disappointed about love?
  76. Why do people hate other people?
  77. What causes us to blush?
  78. What causes a psychological disorder?
  79. Why so people laugh?
  80. Why is heroin addictive to people?
  81. Why do people lie to their spouses so often?
  82. How does the world’s climate change?
  83. Why do people fear thunderstorms?
  84. What causes us to sneeze?
  85. Why people can get very angry?
  86. What factors can cause cancer?
  87. Why are women more emotionally than men?
  88. What makes a car work?
  89. What causes people to learn foreign languages?
  90. What causes tsunami?

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