A Traditional or Alternative Medicine: What to Choose?

A traditional or alternative medicine essay

In the past, medicine was based on the experiences and perceptions of many generations of people dealing with treatment. Natural healing methods, used on a large scale throughout the centuries, at the beginning of the twentieth century have been superseded by medical science. However, in recent years, despite continuous advances in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine, patients are eager to return to natural treatments. On both sides, in both conventional and unconventional medicine, practices that are more or less effective are known.

Alternative medicine perceives the disease as a separate element from the sick person. The growing trend towards specialization in traditional medicine has led to considerable progress. The key to understanding the difference between traditional and modern medicine is to capture the whole body and person in the context of natural medicine.

Traditional medicine belongs to the trend of alternative medicine, in which treatment methods are at all or poorly accepted by medicine based on scientific researches.

What is traditional medicine definition? At its core is always a harmonious philosophical, or rather religious and philosophical teaching, into which the empirical experience of popular healing of this ethnos is organically intertwined. The importance of traditional medicine lies in the fact that practitioners pay attention to all dimensions of health – physical, mental and spiritual. A holistic approach to health is the main cause of the popularity of natural medicine. Due to the emphasis on whole body treatment, natural medicine practitioners often offer patients a lot of attention.

Types of traditional medicine include homeopathy, phytotherapy, all manual medicine (including osteopathy), traditional Chinese medicine (including acupuncture), Ayurvedic medicine, su-jok therapy.

The advantage of alternative medicine is the emphasis on disease prevention, as opposed to modern medicine, which usually intervenes when the disease is present. Many variants of natural medicine encourage patients to visit treatments that focus on preventing the disease from occurring.

Disadvantages of traditional or natural medicinep>In response to increasing demand from consumers, more and more studies on natural medicine are being conducted. Compared to modern medicine methods, the data is still limited, leaving many unanswered questions. It’s easy to confuse the audience with the words “natural” and “safe”, but these two words are not synonymous, although some marketing efforts seem to suggest that. Many dietary supplements and herbal remedies are mistakenly referred to as “natural.” Manufacturers also provide for their extraordinary, mysterious composition or healing action, although there is no scientific evidence to support that supplements and herbal remedies may still be able to react to the recommended prescription drugs, and these products often cause side effects.

Alternative medicine has gained immense popularity in the last decade. Why?

Traditional medicine vs alternative medicine. Advantages of alternative medicineul>
  • It gives hope to the incurable sick.
  • Alternative medicine uses interesting, understandable language for the sick.
  • Compared to modern medicine, it is less painful. Treatments are not so scary, and “miracle workers” make good contact with people, often better than doctors.
  • Alternative medicine is usually cheap and easily accessible.
  • All that is new and unknown is exciting.
  • Disadvantages of modern medicineul>
  • It does not give hope to the incurable sick. The doctor just does not lie.
  • Uses boring, often a quite incomprehensible language for sick.
  • People have forgotten that modern medicine is essentially derived from the traditional. Many treatments have been known for millennia, and many drugs are made from herbs and other natural raw materials.
  • Medical care is expensive and waiting queues long.
  • Therapeutic methods are painful, frightening, but above all time-consuming and require highly qualified specialists.
  • Traditional medicine vs modern medicinep>Traditional medicine uses unproven features, often dangerous or useless.

    1. Treatments done this way can pose serious risks to heart patients and other serious illnesses.
    2. Alternative medicine often uses false advertising.
    3. People earning a living in this way do not bear virtually any responsibility for the damage done to patients.

    So, what is modern medicine? It is closely connected with a scientific experiment, during which empirical knowledge and philosophical ideas are checked; concepts, hypotheses, theories are created. Scientific medicine and its methods are not traditional/connected with any one culture and its tradition.

    Modern medicine:

    1. Uses proven, safe, prescribed medicines!
    2. Reliably informs about treatment options, chances of success and risks associated with it.
    3. Though reluctant, admit mistakes and failures.
    4. Treatments, although often at risk, save lives.
    5. Doctors take full responsibility for the damage done to patients.

    A traditional or alternative medicine: what to choose?

    Alternative medicine is not condemned entirely by doctors. Sometimes they recommend it as a complement to treatment. Herbal treatment, acupuncture, and many others are generally acknowledged by the medical community as therapeutic means. Promising innovations are always carefully checked. If their impact on human health is beneficial, they are incorporated into modern medicine.

    Which way will the patient choose depends mainly on him, his doctor and the environment. If the patient undergoes surgery, using the means of unconventional medicine, and after recovering his health, he will say that it is the merit of the herbs, “miracle” or another shaman, let him be. If, however, he gives up the only sensible treatment for the illusion of alternative medicine, he alone owes his lost opportunity.


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